Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Frocktober Day One

Here's the first in a series of photos of me trying my best not to look like too much of a dill, frocked-up to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research.

It's not as easy as I make it look you know!

I'm wearing: 80's Masuka frock ex Salvos, crimped hair, and Annabel's boots. I'm posing in the hood (nice, isn't it?!)
I actually paid $60.00 to have this little number taken in - some might say:
a) what was I thinking?
b) that they could think of better things to do with sixty bucks - like donating it to the Ovarian Cancer Reasearch Foundation, for example!
(I know...on reflection...what was I thinking?!)
Fashion blunders aside, only one day down, and already, thanks to these lovely sponsors: Anth, Adelaide, Claire, Megan, Vicky, Loo and Al, I have raised $320! To say I'm stoked would be putting it mildly...I guess you could say it: 

I hope you'll sponsor me too. It's as easy/safe as buying something from etsy/ebay - just a few clicks and you're done.
Every ten hours, one woman dies from ovarian cancer, and this is just in Australia! The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation receives no government funding, but you can make a difference!
Sponsor me Here please.
I'll think "you rock and your (sic) awesome" if you do.  


P.S. this frock is for sale to the highest bidder. It's size 8, in beautiful condition (although sadly missing its shoulder pads. Sniff), and I'll shout postage. Just send me a note if you're interested.


  1. Hi Kylie. It is so exciting to see you back in blog land...and looking so glamorous too! Love the crimped hair. Things have been busy here and I haven't read all about what you are up to properly yet. But, I will. It is a great cause :)

  2. Love your slogan "Smells Like Success" Yay, good omen x

  3. LOVE :) PS. Does this mean you have enough dresses in your wardrobe to wear one a day for a whole month.....! lucky you! haha

  4. yeah...what were you thinking? Nah! Just joking! You look great in that 80's number (sans shoulder pads) In fact - yu look a million dollars and it's so good to see you back in blog-land. I'll be sponsoring you next payday. I'm thinking of joining in because I confess I have well over 31 frocks and I love wearing frocks and I love a good cause. Yay all round for you Kylie!!

  5. Oh and what was that lovely maxi-frock you were wearing yesterday??

  6. Hey Kylie, you look awesome! It's such a good cause, you have my donation! Tam x

    Ps nice to see you again :)

  7. That's an amazing wall - are we getting a new wall everyday too? *raises bar*

  8. You looking pretty gorgeous lovely Lucy and lovely to see you back too! What a great cause! xoxo

  9. Looking 80s-tastic, Kylie! I am rather partial to an 80s frock now and again, and the crimped hair is the perfect finishing touch! Great backdrop, and a model-esque smile!
    PS. How is it that we are the same age and I look old enough to be your mother? Have you had work done, or led a very charmed, healthy life? 'Snot fair! xxxx

  10. Love the dress...love the wall...love you for doing this! You're beautiful, inside and out. It's so good to see you blogging again. And some special cheers for Adelaide and Anth for being so supportive of what you're doing. You have a wonderful family.

    Of course, you know you're going to break our hearts all over again if you don't keep blogging after this is done. xx

  11. Aah, crimped hair. I remember it well. Looking good, Kylie, looking good. Xx

  12. Oh, Kylie, I couldn't agree more with what Dana just said, we all love you for doing this, it's such a beautiful deed! And it has such a great "side effect", we all get to enjoy your blog for another month! Please stay on after that!!!

    PS: How can you possibly look so good in crimped hair and 80s fashions? Amazing!!

  13. Oh yay for admitting to feeling awkward and doing it anyway. So fabulous of you Kylie. I think you look amazing. And thanks for opening my eyes to this awesome Frocktober concept. Good on you. So chuffed to be able to help and see you back online. Looking forward to your frocktacular month. :-)

  14. Oh my that hair..them were the days!

  15. Love todays dress and hair Kylie - I used to love crimped hair back in the day. You wear it well my friend. xx : )

  16. Looking very edgy there my dear! You can't beat a bit of street art for a backdrop!
    I didn't do crimped hair but may have squeezed in a spiral perm at some point!
    Nice to see you, to see you nice. x

  17. Listen to the people! Frock tastic! You look amazing! You can do it! .......in a spiral perm too, with a BMX!