Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frocktober Day Ten

"Well she looked at me with her dark brown eyes and she whispered hasta la vista. Well I don't know what it means but it sounded good so I kissed her"   (Mexican Girl, Smokie, 1978)

This cracks me up. Do you think it's funny too, or am I the only one?

Mexicana vintage vestido numero dos
And this one's definitely for sale! It is far too short for me, I would never wear it out of the house. Ever! In fact, as soon as these pics were taken I popped my tracky-dacks underneath - which wasn't a good look.
So you sweet long-legged things, drop me a note if you'd like to twirl like Felina* in this beautiful frock. All proceeds to my Frocktober fund and I'll shout postage. I'm also thinking it would look gorgeous (and probably fit very nicely too) on a twelve year old girl...perfect for Summer with thongs, or those Salties all the cool kids are wearing.
I do not have a pair. I am not cool.
Geraniums, such fascinating plants!
awkward, giant creepy hand pic
To date, forty-three lovely, lovely people (including my 'homie' Sarah - thanks Sarah x) have contributed to the Lucy Violet Vintage Frocktober Fund - together we have raised $1340.50 to fund research into ovarian cancer. This is nothing short of spectacular, but you know I'm goin' to hit you for more, don't you?! If you can spare a few dollars to help your sistas, sponsor me HERE. Please.
I know you're probably getting a bit sick of seeing my moosh (as Alison so eloquently calls it!) pop up in your inbox every day, not to mention my daily begging nagging pesterings for your hard-earned. I'm over myself too. Please hang-in-there and keep supporting me and Frocktober, I have a series of gorgeous guest frocksters coming up soon to break the monotony. Stay tuned.
***the more guest frocksters the merrier, send me a note if you're keen to join in, you'd be very welcome!***
* "Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl. Night time would find me in Rosa's cantina, music would play and Felina would twirl"  (El Paso, Marty Robbins, 1959)
after my attempt at twirling like Felina I'm pooped
(I've just noticed, there's that giant hand again!)

and a bit dizzy!
Hasta la vista x



  1. Oh my god Kylie, you look absolutely incredible in this! Super glamorous and model-esque! The colours suit you really nicely as well which is not something often said about bright orange and yellow.

  2. You crack me up Kylie. the awkward giant creepy hand pic is a classic. x

  3. Hilarious! Can't you wear that dress as a shirt? How can you put your giant creepy hands to good use? Maybe as a professional clapper? Are you good at clapping?

  4. You look awesome in this your collection is cool.

    Do you know how much I love Marty Robbins, seriously Gun Fighter Ballads was my Dad's favourite cassette when we were kids and it brings back great memories of car trips! x

  5. whats the Mexican word for moosh?......el moosho?.....anyhoo I love yours!....not so much the giant hands...but hey I kinda love that you do actually have a flaw.....who am I kidding I even love your giant claw hands.....frock on sista! x

  6. Very summery and cheerful! I'm loving those quotes:-) I miss being barefoot, today has been a rainy, windy autumn day...

  7. Well I don't even know what salties are, so you're cooler than me. Even if you do have giant hands. :) You look so cute in that little dress, and I think it would be fine. Until you bent over!! :O xx

  8. Throw on a pair of leggings in some crazy color and show off those gorgeous gams. I though I'd die laughing when you made the "awkward, giant creepy hand" comment and the one about geraniums. You crack me up. Also, I don't have a clue what salties are and can't even find them online, so you're going to have to educate us.

    And don't even get me started about my cowboy bullridin' boot-scootin' boyfriend who loved Marty Robbins. The very idea of my ever having dated him defies logic.

  9. SeƱorita! You look so preeetty. (said in my best Speedy Gonzales voice) That dress looks so good on you. Can't you let down the hem? xx

  10. Ooh, shorty short dress, and look at those fabulous pins, out again! Hope you had some granny pants on, in case of accidental flashing. I think that would even be short on my Eldest (age 11!) Love the colours.
    Because I am very uncool, I can sing along with both songs.
    And I am another one with no clue what salties are. xxxx

  11. hehe 'homie'! The only spanish word I know is 'Banos' and it means toilet/bathroom. Only because I've needed to use the loo at tapas restaurants :)

  12. Such a cute dress, even though it is a little bit short!

  13. Just doing a catch the styling and you always look so cute...keep up the great modelling nearly halfway there. xxx

  14. this dress is so cute! when i was young and tiny i totally would have worn this.

  15. giant (hand) is a matter of opinion, and in this case perspective of the lens, right? and anyway; the look on the face is priceless. la dee dah... n♥

  16. You look so freakin cute in that dress it's almost sickening. *hehehe*
    I realllllly think you should keep it an wear it with leggings.... but heck what do I know. *lol*

  17. I've finally found time to check out your frocktober posts and you are utterly gorgeous! What fun! Huge bummer about your ceiling though, how scary! Lucky your girl wasn't snoozing under there - augh :(
    Have you sold this cute Mexican dress btw? Would love it for my Munchkin if you havent?
    Huge hugs, and good on you for doing something positive and in such a fun way xxx