Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Six

me again

"As I stood and watched, You looked so neat
In your white bobby socks, clinging to your feet
With your white bobby socks, white bobby socks, Ah-Ha"
White Bobby Socks, Wally Lewis, 1958
(Never a hit, I wonder why?!)
I am wearing an authentic, handmade 50's frock, lacy bobby socks, and frilly 50's petticoat.
If you would like to make them yours send me a note. They are both for sale separately. The dress is in almost perfect condition apart from a tiny hole in the bodice - nothing a couple of stitches wouldn't fix (I can email a pic, if you're interested) It is tiny though - I'm an 8, and I just squeezed in!
The petticoat has pretty multi-coloured edging on the frills. It has an elastic waist and would fit anybody. It's very flouncy, flouncy.
(all proceeds to my Frocktober fund)


its Peter Pan collar has been decorated with tiny little plastic rosebuds, diamantes, and faux pearls. Just beautiful. 

whirling dervish 50's style
Do you like my homemade Coke sign? I bought it at a swap meet a
couple of years ago for three bucks. It's very old, but unfortunately the bloke who sold it knew nothing about it's history. He found it in a pile of rubbish, as you do...
Not long to go now. Please sponsor me here if you can. It would "razz my berries" if you do.
Later x




  1. You have such a glowing smile! You know I'm getting sad seeing frocktober come to an end because you might not blog anymore. Anyway - I think I want the dress! I'll email you!

  2. Ooh, that is such a pretty (and tiny) dress! The beading on the collar is gorgeous. And it is a delight to see you in twirling action, Kylie! xxxx

  3. The dress is so sweet, and that twirling action made my day! Frocktober has been so much fun.

  4. razz your berries? much I wanna say but I wouldn't want to sully my reputation. You look smashing in that dress it would barely fit my upper thigh I will not be purchasing.....but thumbs up to the lucky gal who does.
    see you at the sock hop!! x

  5. I'm with Al! Keep twirling sister! xx

  6. Gorgeous - that collar detail is so pretty. You're a great *spin*-doctor for Frocktober here! [*groan*]

  7. You are like a tiny Tinkerbell twirling in that dress. xxx

  8. The perfect dress for twirling. x

  9. That is a magic dress. I don't know why you hate having your photo taken - you have such a pretty smile!

  10. OMG, I am obsessed with this frock! XXX

  11. I remember the ultra short communion dress thing - an Italian lady made mine and said it had to be short as that was the fashion! Who was i to argue. Love revisiting those stylish 70's here. The girls I envied were always bridesmaids and all had mother's who made dresses like the ones you wore!