Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Frocktober Day Thirty

Prom Night
"At the prom night? Everything is alright!"
Cue music
go on, hit play.
because they weren't quite as many of you brave enough to share your prom pics as I thought there would be...chickens! I'm taking you back to 1980, when the original (and the best!) Prom Night teen slasher flick was released, to pad things out a bit. I hope you don't mind...there will be taffeta and tulle a plenty before the end of this post, I promise.
I was 15 when I saw Prom Night. At the local drive-in. I was the third wheel with my, let's call her...well developed, friend at the time
There was no shaggin in the waggin (and yes, the boy concerned did drive a panel van) involving me anyway. I can assure you of that! I was the perfect foil to my gregarious friend, who only invited me to tag along, so her Mum would let her go.
Anyway it* scared the you-know-what out of me!
*Prom Night, not the shaggin in the waggin - although that was pretty scary too!
Basically Prom Night tells the story of a group of high school seniors who are targeted by an unknown (yeah right!) killer seeking revenge for their involvement in the death of a young girl (can't tell you who, don't want to spoil the surprise!) six years earlier. Most of the action - the blood and guts and stuff - occurs on the night of their prom.
Here's the trailer 
Recently I saw a copy of Prom Night in a discount bin at the shops. It was only $4.99 so I decided to buy it and relive old memories. I got the girls to watch it with me, telling them it was really, really scary. This has made them think I'm even lamer than they originally thought, because of course it wasn't scary at all! But it was BRILLIANTLY FUNNY! Lou's severed head (tomato sauce anyone?!) rolling across the dance floor, classic!
Bad hair, flares, a flashing dance floor, Leslie Neilson (attempting to play a straight guy), a character called Slick (who isn't!) Prom Night's got it all! You could do worse on a Friday night if you've got nothing better to do.
Anyway, enough padding (this is turning into a really long post - I hope I haven't lost you?) back to Frocktober and the really scary stuff..taffeta galore!
Meet The Prom Queens
Allison (and her spunky partner Rodney) at her school formal 1988.
Isn't she a vision in black velvet and "gold garbage bags"? Al's description, that fantastic gold stuff is really "some exotic man-made (and probably highly flammable, Al) material"
Al saw this dress in an issue of Women's Day in a feature where the frocks were modelled by the cast of Neighbours (love that Al!) Of course she had to have it and she still does! Al is hoping it might be in fashion again by the time her gorgeous little girl Frankie attends her own formal. Ummmmm? Goodluck with that one Al!
Al writes the hilarious and very pretty blog Just Underneath.  When I think of her, the words "top Aussie shelia" come to mind. Al's a bit of a larrikin, a bit of a stirrer, who likes to take the mick (I think Al would prefer p***!). I never read her blog without laughing. Do yourself a favour and check it out!
Do you know who this bob-headed, drop-waisted, puffy sleeved wearing vision of loveliness is? She doesn't show herself very often on her blog, but if I mentioned teak furniture, Bitossi, Marimekko, 70's homes and gardens, the Solid Gold Dancers, you'd pick her immediately, right?!
It's Carmel (aka MMMC) of 70's Chutzpah, frocked up for her formal in 1988. I reckon she looks like Head Girl material in this pic (a fact she denies vehemently), but Carmel reckons she looks like she's about belt out a few show tunes (there was a better pic of this, but it came out all blurry when I tried to upload it) - she says all she's missing is a cane and top hat!
Apart from Carmel's frock, which is pretty special, and Carmel herself of course, I am also taken with that stripey curtain she's posing so nicely in front of...
Carmel's blog is a must read as far as I'm concerned. I love it! Carmel's got class, she's got style, she's got chutzpah, but she's not the nanny! Read it.
Now, who could this wistful looking, sweet young thing be?
(and no, it's not Lucy waiting by the lamp post for Mr Tumnus, or a cast member from Riverdance...)
it's the Pipstar frocked up like a little pixie for her Year 11 social in 1992 (you make me feel so old Pippa)
Pippa didn't want to look the same as everyone else so she bought this vintage dress from the oppy, shortened it and "painstakingly sewed beads on the hem, sleeves and collar" Exactly what you'd expect from a creative like Pippa, right?!
Pippa makes beautiful things from string and clay. Her tassels are famous - sought after by the who's who of interiors (and by us ordinary folk), her macramé, fresh and exciting.
She is also one of the nicest people I'm yet to meet.
OMG! I've written a bloody novel, not a blog post!
I'll end with a photo of me at my Year 12 Social in 1982
and a quote from Prom Night which describes the evening perfectly:
"Tonight someone has come to the prom alone..."
(well, at least I had my besties)
One day of Frocktober to go.
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Rachel, Donna and Brismod answered my prayers yesterday (thanks girls x).
That's $1795.00 all up so far. Wow!
(someone please throw five bucks at me!)
Thank you. I am very grateful x
p.s. I'm the one wearing tartan taffeta - in case you didn't know...





  1. Yay the fund is getting bigger!!!! The pics of the lovely ladies and you are fantastic.....your tartan dress is amazing, the collar!!!
    One day to of luck sweet.
    Love V

  2. That tartan taffeta is pretty awesome!
    Our school end of year bashes were pretty low key-I must have pix somewhere. My Mama made my Year 12 one, I know that much. It was black taffeta.
    I must watch that movie!!! Can't believe I missed that gem!
    YAY for the money you've raised! It's bloody brilliant! XXX

  3. I spotted you straight away in that tartan taffeta. Unmistakeable, and looking like you were having.. a ball! I did send you my pics, I don't know if you got them, but I wasn't wearing a typical 1980s gown so probably wouldn't have fitted in anyway. It's so lovely to see all these pics. xx

  4. What a fantastic post, Kylie!!! I spotted you right away too:-) I absolutely loved watching all those glorious 80s fashion moments!!

  5. You are easy to spot - you've hardly changed at all! Is there a fountain of youth in the back yard? What a vision you and your besties are in taffeta! I love tartan taffeta! I can hear the rustle of all those frocks! My formal was a disaster - I cut up and spray painted a wedding dress black, wore it with shiny leopard print LEGGINGS (!!!) and had electric blue hair sticking up from my head and everyone laughed at me and I spent the night hiding in the toilets!!! Oh and my ex boyfriend turned up drunk and got kicked out!

  6. I am going to miss these posts Kylie! This one is those formal/prom frocks. You have introduced me to some great bloggers who I wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Congratulations on the fundraising too, awesome effort x

  7. In the olden days when I attended high school we didn't have formals or proms, but we did have Friday night discos LOL

    Oh and I watched Prom Night the other month it was on foxtel on a Sunday afternoon :)

  8. Brilliant post Kylie, love the dresses (I think I spent the 80's in a ra-ra skirt and sweatshirt!) We didn't have anything like a prom night back then, but I was at an all girls school so maybe that's why.
    Well done on all you've raised to date.

  9. Tartan taffeta - you rock! I put in a vote for Carrie for excellent evil prom movies filled with gratuitous death. What a girl!

  10. GOLDEN!! What a brilliant post! I love seeing some of my favourite ever bloggers in their prom gear! Allison looks so cute with her date Rodney - who is indeed a spunk. I would've totally had a crush on him in high school. And Carmel - gorgeous! I love a good drop waist and a puffed sleeve - very Anne of Green Gables which I love. The Pipstar - a vision. Check her out in her self altered vintage frock! Schmokin!! And last but not least Kylie - tarten taffeta - what a treat!!! You look like you are having a blast with your mates Kylie and ain't that what it's all about. Great photos. Have loved this post. xx

  11. bahaha....oh dear as you can see im a tad awkward in a dress and heals!. Pip were you ok in that pic?? look ready to faint...too many late nights spent doing needlework?! very Molly Ringwald of you. Tartan taffeta....two words I haven't said together since the 80`s....I can dream it will make a comeback. x

  12. You all looked absolutely beautiful on prom night. I loved seeing you all dressed up in your party best. Talk about feeling old though...the prom picture I was going to send to Kylie but never found was taken in 1965!