Friday, October 4, 2013

Frocktober Day Four

"Could you please help? I'll give you five percent of the profit!"

Sister Bertrille (Sally Field), The Singing Nun, 1967-1970.
It's probably just me...but today's frock reminds me of something hipster nuns might have worn back in the late 60's - you know, when some of them ditched their traditional habits to fit in with the rest of the world...
(although, even a hipster nun would've kept her knees covered! In future Frocktober posts, I will be doing that too!)

I reckon Sister George from Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (along with its prequel, The Trouble With Angels , one of my all-time favourite flicks) could've worn something very similar to this Gala Travelon linen frock. It has something of the uniform about it. I love the little box pleats and brown top-stitching detail though.
Perhaps you think I'm talking out of my hymn book with all this Nun stuff, but after all, I've got a bit of a thing for them...Remember?
little Kylie, 1972.
(I thought it deserved another airing - some of you might have missed it first time around - and it's good for a laugh)
"The Flying Nun", "The Singing Nun", Audrey Hepburn in "The Nun's Story", Rosalind Russell in the flicks I mentioned above, I loved them all!
And I love you too, for your generous support and sponsorship.
To date we have raised the incredible sum of, drum rolllllllll,
$1110.50! for research into ovarian cancer.
If that's not awesome, I don't know what is!
Today thank you's go out to: Terry and Maryse (my lovely in-laws), Tam (who doesn't write her blog anymore, but you can check her beautiful stamp jewellery here), Emmah, and her lovely Mum Gaye, Max, Claire, Daisy and Nelly.
I'd love to add your name to the list.
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Here are some Sisters having fun...

(first and third image from here)
Thanks for reading, sponsoring me, and spreading the word.
God bless and see you tomorrow x



  1. oh I want a little kylie for my mantle!....she would look perfect with my jesus and mary. Adorable....was only chatting about the flying nun this morning with my I loved that show....and I love you too sister kylie....your doin a good good thing xxxx

  2. Sister Kylie, love it! Now let's see some hoola hoop, action!
    Cute frock, very demure, even with the knees. What ARE you on about, you have amazing legs, I'd get 'em out all the time if I had those pins!
    Great shoes. Even greater total.
    PS. Nina says hi and well done! xxxxx

  3. Just caught up on all these fantabulous frocky posts! Love it all and how wonderful that this cause flushed you out with daily posts for a whole month. I have to say, I was considering a cheeky comment about how I might donate if you you flashed your new kitchen as well, and you did! so I did. (If it makes you feel better picture unco me playing beach volleyball to raise money for this same cause last year!) Love the kitchen, is looking as spectacular as you in your frocks. The tiles will be perfection. We do expect a full kitchen share perhaps at the end of the month?, perhaps with a good vintage apron? mel x

  4. You are getting the hang of it it...and that frock is oh so look gorgeous in it
    bestest Daisy j xxx

  5. Aww you're so cute, Kylie - then and now. I love your sandals btw. Oh God, nuns......I went to the Convent of theSacred Heart High school - it was full of them. Sr Bunbury was the spectacularly scary , mustachioed headmistress *shudder*. Sorry, Kylie, I digress big time! Now the Nun's Story - that's one of my favourites.

  6. Yay for sister Kylie! ...seriously though, your reverse ageing! x

  7. Love the fun you dig up to go with terrific frocks.....can't wait to see what the month has in store...what a way to make a blog comeback. xxxxx

  8. Yay. I just popped in and I love your frock posts. You look fabulous in all of them and make it look like so much fun! Plus, you've raised so much money ... well done.

  9. You gorgeous thing I love it.

  10. I'm with pastcaring...I inherited tree trunk legs from my mom's side of the family and always dreamed of having legs like yours! The dress is so cute. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a dress I had back in the late 60s.

    Congratulations on already passing your goal. What you're doing in so wonderful.

  11. Loving this frock and oh my you are 'blerrie gorgeous gal!!!' If I had legs like that I would walk on my hands and all that ;-) xoxo

  12. Gorgeous, although the Queen doesn't look impressed, I am.

  13. Kylie! You are going to become my new addiction. I love these outfit posts, seeing you smiling and utterly gorgeous against the backdrop of your amazing house. I must get around to donating and will. But I already know I don't want it to stop once NO!vember comes around. xxx

  14. Kumbaya! Gorgeous lady. (Just don't fall into the blogging trap of doing a 'pigeon toed' shot.)

    My mother-in-law was once training(?) to be a nun ... imagine if she'd stayed married to God ....

    ... I wouldn't have the Solid Gold Dancers screaming 'MA-UM' every five seconds.

    I too am enjoying the backdrops of you home. Ovarian cancer be gone!!

  15. Eh? that's you in 1972?? you look amazing Kylie!! I'm loving Frocktober, looking forward to seeing tomorrows number! Good to see you back blogging, your kitchen's looking great xxx

  16. The hipster nun thing totally works for you!