Monday, October 28, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Eight

"Burn baby burn -

(it's a) disco inferno"
(The Trammps, 1976)
Today I'm wearing a beautiful vintage 70's dress by Landy's of Perth. It belonged to a lady whose house I used to clean to pay for the girls dancing lessons (costumes!) when they were little. She was pretty stylish in the early 2000's when I scrubbed her bathroom and hoovered her floors, and if this frock is any indication, she must've been blazin* back in the day, when she wore it to Pinocchio's. (nightclub here in Perth in the 70's)
trying my best (but failing miserably) to imitate one of those, so bad they're good, 70's crochet pattern books
 stiff. as. a. board!
(vintage 70's macramé mandala, found recently in a local op-shop)
Sorry, but I cannot bring myself to sell this one. It's got sleeves - it's a keeper! I do however have this little number for you to consider.
"so Frenchy so chic"
Masquerade, Mode de Paris. Polyester (but it mimics towelling?!) frock, size 14 (and it really is - I've just pulled the belt in tightly to cinch the waist).
Send me a note if you're interested. Remember postage is on me and your payment goes to my Frocktober fund. Speaking of which, it's been a quiet couple of days. I know you're tired of me. I'm tired of me, but please consider sponsoring me HERE. You might miss me when I'm gone...
Check you later x
*like on fire, ttly (totally) hip or hotttttt  (via)
p.s. last call for Prom Night photos if you're brave enough - I'm pencilling it in For Wednesday. Go on, I dare you!




  1. More great work Kylie! You look so good in so many different looks :)

  2. Phew! I'm so glad that one is a keeper. I'm worried you'll have nothing left to wear.
    I know you've struggled, but honestly, it's lovely seeing photos of you. Also, your house is so beautiful, I've really enjoyed all this little peeks. I could happily look at pictures of that for a month....hint! xxx

  3. Definitely keep that one! I think I'll have to clean next year to pay for school fees ... Will now be v. selective about whom I choose to walk dogs for.

    Freckleface is right. You've done such a massive effort. Keep up the good work. I've loved every bit!

  4. Great frock and very excellent macramé styling! xx

  5. smokin!!....yep this ones a keeper all right. and thanks now I cant get disco inferno outa my head! x

  6. I don't think there have been any crocheted dresses yet...? Just a (terrible) thought. You know, like the ones on What Not To Crochet... ;-)

  7. I'm glad to hear you're keeping this one, Kylie, it looks fantastic on you!!!

  8. That dress looks beautiful on you. I don't blame you for keeping it. I went through that HUGE bin of photos one more time, and there's no prom photo in sight, darn it. I can't wait to see everyone else's.

    1. I can picture my prom picture but can't find it.

  9. I love this dress Kylie, definitely one I could wear. I wish I had a prom photo to share but we didn't have proms in the UK back in the 'olden days'! Looking forward to seeing the last few days, you've done a super job! X

  10. whoa baby, you are gorgeous.....saturday night fever days....oh so chic.....
    nelly xx

  11. I don't blame you for keeping this one. And gee I'd love to have seen inside Pinocchio's!
    PS My prom photo complete with hot pink tights is available on my blog. No shame!

  12. O, that frock is divoon, and you are looking mega sultry in that second pic! XXX

  13. Love this dress, Kylie. Might be my favourite. Have I said that already? I reserve the right to have multiple favourites. You are indeed a disco inferno! xxxx