Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frocktober Day Eight

"saving nickles saving dimes, working (it!) til the sun don't shine"

(Blue Bayou, Roy Orbison and Joe Melson, originally recorded 1961)*

This is not a bayou.

It's a swamp.

There are no alligators here, only ducks and the occasional Ibis.

I have never seen a bayou (except when I watched Elvis in King Creole on the telly when I was little) but in my imaginings this is how a bayou would look.

(am I even a little bit close Dana?)

Today I am wearing a Tre Fiorin 100% polyster frock (although it looks more like a nighty to me). It is made in Italy. There are grande canals in Italy but not bayous. I've seen photos of handsome-ish men (depending on your taste in men) wearing striped t.shirts in canals, but no alligators.

Day Eight of Frocktober, I've run out of poses and things to say.
All this talk of bayous is my way of trying to give you value for money. It's referred to in the biz as padding. Or so I've heard -   I'm not actually in the biz myself (I wonder why?!)

Please  throw a few nickles, or dimes, or fiddy cents at me.

Please put a smile on my face and shut me up (for a day!)

Please help The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation fund their research.

Just do it. Here!

To date, with Bernice's and Tania's generous donations yesterday we have raised  $1265.50! Yay!

I'm not greedy, but I'd love to make it $1500, do you think we can? I hope so x

*I like the Linda Ronstadt version best



  1. you make me laugh so much. please don't go back to not blogging, start a streams of consciousness blog instead x

  2. I'm for the Linda R version. My Dad used to sing it. She's a bloody class act, he'd say. He's a bloody class act himself so he'd know.
    As for alligators in canals, I know not of such things but I always think of the scary little person in a red hood when I think of Venice canals a la creepy.
    I can't even get your images to come up so I'm only reading it for the padding and padding right back atcha. Fiddy cents in the mail.

  3. Got the picture at last. Looks very ethereal in that swamp.

  4. I agree with Max. Also don't you have crocs over there in your pretty swamps?

  5. I agree with Max too. You're too funny.

  6. Yes, you should blog again. You're a hoot. I'm not going to donate until the last day, you know? I hope you make it to $2000! xx

  7. You make me laugh.. And you haven't run out of things to write. Adorable shot, and dress. :)

  8. I love this photo, even though its of your back haha, I love the colours. You make me smile x

  9. Beautiful photo, Kylie...and, yes, bayous can look very similar. I emailed you several photos of bayous in southern Louisiana and southeastern Texas so you can get an idea of what's representative of the areas I'm familiar with.

  10. Haha! Son of a gun, what good fun, talking about the bayou. To paraphrase another bayou song. I love Blue Bayou by the way. And references to Elvis in King Creole, and your dress series. This photo is beautiful, really lovely saturated colours and very painterly. xx

  11. I like the Linda Ronstadt version too. And I love the atmospheric, moody bayou/swamp photo shoot, and the beautiful frock! Keep going, Kylie - I haven't forgotten about sending you some pics. xxxx

  12. The Big O is a beautiful singer but Linda Ronstadt gets you in your heart strings. I have an album of Linda Ronstadt singing traditional Mexican songs with her brothers and her voice is AMAZING! Shared your frocking adventure on my blog today Kylie.

  13. Your 'padding' is wonderfully entertaining. Thanks for the smiles (:

  14. Dear Kylie,
    as always, you make me smile. I "follow" your series from the first day on, and if I would be a size 8 girl I would buy any of your frocks for the foundation. I´m not, so I will wait with my donation, because I would like to see more of you - blogging ;-))
    Not only your kitchen looks fab, your new hairstyle is great, too btw...
    x, Ria