Monday, September 8, 2014

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

there's been a spot of sewing...
namely these babies.

Ink and Spindle cushion kits in Buds, designed by Caitlin Klooger and screen printed by hand. 

Gifted to me

quite a while ago now, but I was too scared to sew them until...well yesterday actually, in case I made a mess of them. I am still a big chicken as far as zips are concerned!!!
(I pulled it off this time, thank God!)

by the one and only Ouchflower.

click the link if you'd like to meet her newest (and one of her most beautiful) creations.

Pippa (a.k.a Ouchflower) reckons Buds is a bit botanical, a bit mid-century. She's spot on of course. Buds also reminds me of Aboriginal dot paintings...but I could be "drawing a long bow" there...
Anyway none of that design stuff really matters to me...I just know I like Buds and I like love Pippa! 
gratuitous pic of our new vintage Rya, made by Van Guard Ege in Denmark (thanks Sue)

If you didn't like Marlston Hill Rotary Lookout Tower, you'll hate our new rug! 

btw the way your silence, comment-wise on this post was deafening. I'm thinking it speaks volumes??? Ha-ha!

Buds cushions in situ at the ranch
We have to do something about that bl**dy ugly wiring coming from that equally bl**dy ugly telly!
Do you like our old Passiona soft drink crate, marble-topped coffee table? It's a temporary measure, but we are liking it more and more...chances are it could stay - for a while anyway :)

There have been other things going on round here too, but I'll save them for another time. Thanks for reading x  

p.s. Like a good Mocumentary/laugh? Go and see this:

It's no Spinal Tap, but it is pretty funny.
Anth says "the best movie he's seen in a cinema for ages!"

note: A rarely goes to the cinema (ahem!) so like it though I did (and I really did!) I can't quite echo his very enthusiastic review ;)  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Marlston Hill Rotary Lookout Tower

Usually when we go "down South" we give the city of Bunbury a miss, however because we went to Yallingup last week en couple

(this means no bickering, whinging, perpetually hungry teenagers! No dog! No stress! No rush to get to our destination!)

we decided to stop there for lunch. 
Fish and chips on the beach and time to have a wander = lovely.

There are many beautiful old buildings in Bunbury - it was settled in the 1830's so we expected this. There are some incredible art deco buildings too (check Cronshaws on Victoria Street)  we expected to see them as well so no biggie there either, but what we didn't expect to see in conservative old Bunbury was this
Marlston Hill Rotary Lookout Tower(image via)

incredible Brutalist structure constructed of concrete and steel, designed by Sasha Ivanovich. Built in 1988 to commemorate the foundation of Australia.
(the city of Bunbury's bicentenary project)

Pretty speccy eh?!

I know some of you won't like it. You'll be thinking "spectacularly ugly, yes!" and that's okay, I get it. Great slabs of granite speckled concrete are not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's spectacular full stop. From top to bottom. "Beautiful in a dramatic and eye catching way" (the Oxford Dictionary definition of spectacular). Just look at that massive star-shaped sculpture which supports the viewing platform above it! Hell-ooo!

That's the thing about Brutalist architecture, you either love it, or loathe it. 
Rodney Gordon (British architect, 1933-2008. Check the Tritcorn Centre) said this:
Any piece of architecture worth being called architecture is usually both hated and loved.
He was spot on, wasn't he?!
You're certainly not feeling blah or wishy-washy about Marlston Hill lookout tower, are you?
image me (as are the following)
Oh concrete, how I luff you!
wish I knew the significance (or not?) of these flowers...

p.s. even if you are a 'hater' once you climb the (hundred or so) steps to the top and see that 360 degree view of Bunbury - its port, and coastline, you'll be more forgiving. You might even come round... It's definitely worth a bit of huffing and puffing. We even saw a whale :) 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Days of Winter

Anth and I spent the last days of Winter in beautiful Yallingup
(a small coastal town 257kms South-West of Perth, situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean). 

And gosh we had a wonderful time!

We stayed at Caves House, an iconic Hotel built in the inter-war old English style (as described in its Heritage Council listing) between 1938-1939. It looks like the perfect setting for an Agatha Christie mystery.
Well it does to me anyway...the English Roses among you may not agree(?)
We last stayed at Caves House over twenty-one years ago when I was heavily pregnant with our eldest daughter. It was gloriously faded and charming back then (shared bathrooms were still the go!), and we really felt like we were stepping back in time. 
Unfortunately recent renovations (necessary to preserve the building) have stripped it of some of its character. In our opinion, lovely as it is, it felt a little sterile compared to the Caves House we remembered.

Here I am in 1992 in the Guests Lounge
That beautiful art deco fireplace and etched mirror are still there, but the timber paneling has been painted and the Axminster carpet, club lounges and smokers stand are long gone.

It was also a pity the fire wasn't lit and that there were fake flowers in the vases - especially when there is an abundance of lillies to pick in the garden.
note: but it was really lovely to see the original terrazzo retained in our bathroom and that the exposed plumbing to our toilet was left in tact too.
my Nan and Pop had this terrazzo in their bathroom - mustard coloured strip and all.
The 'Ladies' at the foot of the stairs has retained a lot of its original features too. Love that mirror.
This old advertisement was hanging in the Ladies Loo. I thought you'd like to see it...
Similar images from old magazines and books, and original photos of Caves House in its heyday are framed and hung throughout the hotel.

The gardens at Caves House are beautiful. Over-grown and wild in places - they are very special. 
What hadn't changed for us, in over two decades (ahem!)is the magical experience of walking through the terraced gardens, along the dark and slightly creepy path (tunnel like, and always slightly damp and musty - even in Summer) to find yourself at Yallingup Beach at the other end.
Lillies, lillies everywhere!
What's the story Morning Glory?
(sorry, I couldn't resist!)
Round the bend and then...
Yallingup Beach
Anth dipping his toes in the icy water of the Indian Ocean. 

We ate well on our little sojourn too. Dinner at Lamonts at Smiths Beach Resort  (ten minutes down-the-road) was a particular highlight for me. I tried duck leg confit for the first time and it was deee-licious! (the bread and butter pudding I had for pudding wasn't too shabby either! Mmmmmmm!) It was so good we went back for breakfast the next day! (Speaking of pudding, I rolled out of the car when we got home, I tell you!)
Me at Smiths Beach. If this is (was) Winter, who needs Summer?!

Lastly and (as far as this post goes) totally randomly, I just want to say: "Carn the Tiges!!!"