Thursday, October 17, 2013

Frocktober Day Seventeen

Life's a Beach...

and this is why:

the scene that greeted us when we got home this afternoon!
that's Annabel's bed under there(!)
Since taking these photos things have only got worse. A lot worse. The "make-safe" guy from the insurance company had to 'drop' the rest of the ceiling to make it safe(ish). I can't take a photo to show you the whole catastrophe now, because it's too dark, but I think you get the picture...
Our house is nearly one hundred years old, we know it's got issues, but we never expected this!
Things could be worse, I know. We're all fine - a new ceiling will be installed and the mess easily (ahem!) cleaned up.
At the moment my heart goes out to the folks in NSW who are affected by the most serious bushfires in that state for almost a decade. Let's face it, in comparison, our ceiling concerns are nothing, but it is the reason that I'm so late getting this post up.  
It's not all doom and gloom round here, because thanks to Leisa and Claire my Frocktober fund has hit $1520.00! Yay, yay, yay!
Who cares about ceilings? (or the absence of them!)
I'm so grateful for all of your donations. So surprised to make so much money for research into ovarian cancer, and so happy that my Frocktober gig is going so well :)
Please give now here if you'd like to sponsor me too.
After all that, here I am at the beach wearing a frock hand-made by Tammi of Dear Molly from a vintage sheet. It's too big for me now so if you'd like to buy it (all proceeds to Frocktober and postage on me), just send me a note. You can see it in more detail here (its got the loveliest pockets!)
And tonight, that's all I've got for you. I know it's a bit lacklustre - sorry about that, but it's been a long day... 


  1. Oh no! What a mess! I know it could be worse, but still... not fun at all.
    On the upside, you look adorable in your sheet chic dress, and what a gorgeous beach.
    Hope you get the ceiling sorted soon, Kylie. xxxx

  2. Oh my goodness - what a mess! I've had the same thing happen in my house and the dust just gets everywhere, even in rooms that weren't affected! Good luck with the clean-up.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Thank goodness your lovely daughter wasn't mooching in her bed at the time.....

    What size is the lovely Tammi made dress? xxxx

  4. Holy crap! Is that water damage? What a mess! Makes my brick dust situation seem like small potatoes. Good luck with the clean up - I feel your pain xxx

  5. Oh God, Kylie, that's so awful and scarey. Thank goodness Annabel wasn't in the room when it happened. Poor you. Hope you can get it sorted quickly. Another beauty of a frock. xx

  6. Btw, I'm impressed you've managed to write a post. I think I'd be too traumatised... Onwards and upwards.....xx

  7. ohmigod Kylie!! I would have freaked if I came home to that! I hope you get it sorted asap.

  8. O SHIT! That's a bloody mess! GAwd I hope that can get sorted quickly, love. Thank goodness your daughter wasn't actually in there at the time. Doesn't bear thinking about. Our house was built in the 20's, so is also fairly old, but thankfully we haven't been faced with anything like this! XXX

  9. Omg!!! Thank goodness it didn't fall on anyone! What a shock to find it tho'
    Very cute frock could you pls let me know the price and size? Happy a super weekend Miss! You are a champion fundraiser!

  10. Oh my good Lord! Lucky the hell she wasn't under there. I've heard about old ceilings falling in. I hope the fact some insurance guy has come over means insurance will cover it. Poor thing. Does Annabell sleep with you then?

    Did you get my 'formal' number?

  11. I know that's a huge mess to deal with, but I'm so glad you're all OK and you have such a sensible attitude about it. Years ago, my car was stolen. I walked to a police station a couple of blocks away to report it. They said, "You sure are calm about this." To that I said, "If I completely freak out and act like a crazy woman, will that help you find my car faster? If it will, I can do that for you." They said that wouldn't be necessary...and the point was made. When bad things happen, you just do the next right thing. Sounds like you have, since the insurance people have already been out. Good for you! Hope you get your check and it's repaired quickly.

    I love the beach shots...and your outlook. Congratulations on the money you've raised so far.

  12. Oh my gosh, I bet that gave you all a fright. Luckily it fell during the day while you were out.
    You look lovely in this dress. I do miss Tammi's blog. x

  13. Oh my god! Just popped over for a looksee, got more than expected. You poor guys, I bet it was a huge shock, thank goodness no one was injured. As for the fires, I think we are in for another frightening spring and summer, its terrible that so many have already lost their homes. You should get something in the mail very soon, best of luck with the cleanup. p.s. stay away from the water - too many big sharks over there!!!!!

  14. Oh Kylie! What a disaster to greet you when you opened the door! Hope all is sorted soon and glad no one was home when it happened; and super well done for your fundraising. x

  15. My Dear,
    thank god that nobody was in the house! I´m a little bit shocked, but you will manage the whole mess, I know. Greetings to yours esp. to Annabelle! And of course you are looking fab, as always.
    Take care, xx

  16. Oh sweet.....look at the poor thing.......eekkkk. Why do things like that happen........I don't know sometimes?????? All the best cleaning up......crazy.
    I am so pleased you guys were not hurt.
    The fires sound much heartache.
    The total is amazing....well done.
    Love V

  17. WTF!!.....lifes never boring is it. x

  18. Geez - it's all happening!! Can't believe your ceiling fell in - madness! Thank goodness you are all OK. Love the dress. xx

  19. Oh my goodness, what a sight to walk in on! When I was a teenager the ceiling above my bed did the same...about 5 minutes after I'd got up in the morning...was quite a close call!

  20. good lord! see, how earth shattering (and ceiling non proof) your efforts are. ...
    i never doubted your ability!
    hang in there, sister...

  21. Oh no, how horrendous. Old houses are a blessing and a curse (I say, remembering the time a possum dropped down the lovely old fireplace and ran around my room smashing things; or the time the water started rising ominously in the cellar...). I hope it's under control now.