Friday, October 18, 2013

Frocktober Day Eighteen

Guest Frockster Tre
Thank goodness for lovely bloggy friends - today has not been a good day for poncing about in front of the camera in a frock and lippy! Even if I had time to frock-up, I'm lacking the inclination (and that's putting it nicely!) It's been tracky-pants and a holey tee as far as clothes are concerned for me today!
Here's a reminder of what we've been dealing with 
It is 3.55pm here and there is still dust "from a-hole to breakfast!" (this was one of my Dad's favourite sayings. I hope you aren't offended, but in these circumstances it is an entirely appropriate description)
On to prettier, Frocktober stuff.
Take a look at my gorgeous friend Curtise, who lives in Sheffield in the UK.
pretty as a picture in 70's lemon chiffon, a gift from Curtise's friend Vix.
Curtise reckons she looks like Margot Leadbetter (The Good Life), but I think she is much more gorgeouser.  
Curtise says :
"I really wanted to wear something different, something special to celebrate your amazing fundraising achievement, and as a tribute to all of those who have experienced ovarian cancer"
I'd say you nailed it Curtise. With bells on.
Curtise always puts together the most beautiful collages, like this one on her blog. She also has great taste in music, is a scathingly funny writer and an all round top chick. She is also kind, supportive and loyal. You won't be disappointed if you pop over and say hello - I hope you do.
I'll end with another quote from Curtise (whose close friend Carol died from ovarian cancer thirteen years ago, so she writes from her heart)
"I chose a floaty yellow dress - about as far from the realities of cancer and pain and devastation as it can be - as a symbol to represent my belief in the power of science, medicine and human endeavour"
Thank you for your moving words and beautiful pictures Curtise x 
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  1. that Curtise, she is just lovely, from a-hole to breakfast. you too x

  2. Whist lovely contributors and efforts you having gone too so far! Sorry about the bloody ceiling! didn't sign up for that one! Love to you and pics have been sent! Xx

  3. I LOVE the expression "from arsehole to breakfast time" (sorry, I am a say- it-don't-asterisk-it kinda gal!) and use it regularly, so that's a neat coincidence! Happy happy happy to help out with a frock, Kylie, you're doing such a great job with the fundraising.
    Eek, that bloody ceiling, what a nightmare. I'm not surprised that frocks are the last thing on your mind at the moment... Hope it gets sorted asap. xxxxx

  4. Nothing wrong with Margot Leadbetter! I thought she was fabulous and she and Gerry drove a wonderful Volvo. Looking the goods Curtise! And your garden is scrumptious.

  5. beautiful flowing number.....
    chin up Kylie, you have lots of support....u r doing a FAB go girl.....
    Good luck with the clean up.
    nelly xx

  6. The jewellery choices are inspired!

  7. Gorgeous! I love Curtises dress, so pretty and floaty. I can't believe the state of your ceiling collapse, mental!

  8. Ah the beautiful Curtise. She`s top shelf that one. well done you!!....on fundraising and on keeping it not known for my composure in tricky (messy) situations. xx

  9. What beautiful photos...and such a lovely tribute.

    I'd never heard that saying before, but I'm definitely going to borrow it. :)

  10. Curtise looks fantastic, I love the collage picture!

  11. What beautiful words and pictures by Curtise. Lovely post Kylie.xx (Hope the ceiling episode is over for you soon though.) xx

  12. Ah Margot Leadbetter. How I loved her!
    You have a dust monster there. It's the old houses. My friend Laurie lived in a 100 year old house and said it was like a moonscape in his roof. They had to suck it all out with industrial machinery to reroof. Like house liposuction!