Saturday, October 5, 2013

Frocktober Day Five

"I'm livin in the 70's
 I feel like I lost my keys
 Got the right day but I got the wrong week
And I get paid for just bein' a freak"
(Living in the 70's, Skyhooks, 1974)
Today's Frocktober post is dedicated to my lovely bloggy friend Curtise, and to the memory of her dear friend Carol who lost her battle with ovarian cancer thirteen years ago. Curtise writes about this (and growing up in the 70's) on her blog today - you can read about Carol (and catch a glimpse of Curtise doing what she does so well - she puts my feeble attempts at posing to shame!) here.
it's gonna get worse folks, that's all I can say...
Today's little number is a vintage 70's halter-neck. It is cotton, size 12 (although we're talking old-school size 12) and as fresh as the day it was made. The tag says "Exclusively Virginia Grae". If you like daisies, stripes, spots, primary colours and showing a bit of back this is the frock for you! Send me a note if you're interested. Purchase price will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, and I will pay for postage.
To date, thanks to the lovely people (that's you guys!) who read this blog, we have raised $1190.50! This money will aid in the development of an early detection test that will save women's lives. This is a bloody good thing, right?!
I would be extremely grateful if you could donate too.
Any amount - five dollars, fifty dollars, fiddy cents - will help make a difference.
Please sponsor me here.
On the honour roll today are: Mel, Imogen, and Linda. Thanks for your generosity girls x
told ya! See you tomorrow x
p.s. if you're interested in being a guest frockster (because seriously, I am gonna run out of frocks!) please send me a note. Some of you are born to do this(!) and I'd love to have you here...


  1. Kapow Batman! Love this one. Rockin' it still, sister! (Don't make me pull out my patio dress!)

  2. Oh Kylie, I've loved all the dresses so far! You look fab-u-lous! Congratulations passing the $1000 mark! Tam x

  3. Keep up the frockin' good work Kylie! Happy to be a guest frocker. x

  4. p.s. Maybe I could photoshop your head onto one of my frocks???

  5. I love this frock Kylie and you wear it so well! Please keep blogging :)

  6. You are rocking the frocks.....well done on the fundraising too. xx

  7. Ah, thanks for the mention, Kylie! And yay, a 70s frock, and what a beauty! If it was bigger, and my boobage didn't need support, I'd be after that dress in a heartbeat...
    Your fundraising is going brilliantly, well done you. I've been thinking a lot about Carol, and the dreadful aggression with which ovarian cancer took her. Ten weeks from diagnosis to her death, it was unbelievably awful. And her sister later died of it too, their poor mum lost both her girls, and then her husband died of prostate cancer. Doesn't bear thinking bout, the tragedies some people have to face.
    Anyway, sorry for the gloom. I applaud your efforts wholeheartedly, and hope that better detection and treatment can save lives in the future.
    I'll guest post for you if you want me - just tell me what to do, I've never done that before! xxxxx

  8. Great efforts Kylie:) Your photos and frocks are gorgeous! I now work for Witchery in Enex (drop by sometime!) and they also donate to this awesome research! have donated for you:)

  9. I think you've now worn more dresses than I've ever owned in my whole 40+ years... ;-)

  10. So you on Curtise's blog... So cool what you're doing!

  11. I loved halter dresses, and that one looks so good on you. How I miss my 20s, 30s and early 40s...before I developed old lady batwing arms that can no longer be displayed publicly...haha!

  12. FAB. So much going on in one dress and you pulled off a great pose.
    It's great the things that come from blogging. Is there a way to donate without a credit card?

  13. well, i can't see no freak, but well done to you!

  14. Nice clogs. That skyhooks track came on the radio on a recent country trip and my English husband looked blankly when I started singing it, he'd never heard it. Sometimes the tyranny of intercultural marriage becomes all the more poignant.

  15. lovely frock and clogs, Mrs. I think Carmel should proffer her patio maxi for the cause in a guest post. She'd itching to!

  16. Hi Kylie, nice to hear from you and apologies for silence but sometimes life gets to big for blogging. You have inspired me tho and with the house extension about to start I might just have to crank it up again.