Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frocktober Day Thirty One

My last hurrah. Hooray!

Lots of photos for you today. Lucy Violet Vintage Honour Roll (thank-you's) tomorrow. 

Every fashion parade ends (or it did in those glorious technicolour flicks of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's) with a beautiful bride walking down the catwalk. Usually she's surrounded by a bevy of pretty bridesmaids decked out in rainbow coloured frocks. Sometimes her dress 'morphs' into a gigantic wedding cake and she ends up standing on the top tier. The audience goes crazy, the orchestra revs up a crescendo, the girl gets her man, and it's over. A bit like Frocktober really...

So in honour of all those glamorous Hollywood model brides, my last Frocktober fashion parade (ahem!), and Halloween, I give you my
zombie bride! 
  I've got music to create a spooooky atmosphere
(I love this song. Listen to it loudly!)
All I can think of is -  this is how I'm going to look if I don't get my roots done! Now that is scary!
(make-up and photos by Annabel)
Even though this is my last hurrah, don't be afraid to sponsor me. Your donation will help fund research into developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Early detection is key if we want women (the women we love) to survive this insidious disease. Remember one in ten, people. That's one woman dying from ovarian cancer every ten hours! Please sponsor me here.
As I type my our Frocktober fund has raised a whopping
I'm lost for words...
p.s. thanks for your recent donations Susan, Jay, and Lea, and for purchasing the fifties frock Julianne x
Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash!
I just got home to discover that lovely Gillian (aka Librarygirl) has sponsored me again (that makes twice!) which means we've raised $ 2000.00. OMG I am so excited and so grateful! It means such a lot to me. All of your donations mean a lot to me, but to hit 2k, well, that's just spectacular! Thank-you Gillian x

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Frocktober Day Thirty

Prom Night
"At the prom night? Everything is alright!"
Cue music
go on, hit play.
because they weren't quite as many of you brave enough to share your prom pics as I thought there would be...chickens! I'm taking you back to 1980, when the original (and the best!) Prom Night teen slasher flick was released, to pad things out a bit. I hope you don't mind...there will be taffeta and tulle a plenty before the end of this post, I promise.
I was 15 when I saw Prom Night. At the local drive-in. I was the third wheel with my, let's call her...well developed, friend at the time
There was no shaggin in the waggin (and yes, the boy concerned did drive a panel van) involving me anyway. I can assure you of that! I was the perfect foil to my gregarious friend, who only invited me to tag along, so her Mum would let her go.
Anyway it* scared the you-know-what out of me!
*Prom Night, not the shaggin in the waggin - although that was pretty scary too!
Basically Prom Night tells the story of a group of high school seniors who are targeted by an unknown (yeah right!) killer seeking revenge for their involvement in the death of a young girl (can't tell you who, don't want to spoil the surprise!) six years earlier. Most of the action - the blood and guts and stuff - occurs on the night of their prom.
Here's the trailer 
Recently I saw a copy of Prom Night in a discount bin at the shops. It was only $4.99 so I decided to buy it and relive old memories. I got the girls to watch it with me, telling them it was really, really scary. This has made them think I'm even lamer than they originally thought, because of course it wasn't scary at all! But it was BRILLIANTLY FUNNY! Lou's severed head (tomato sauce anyone?!) rolling across the dance floor, classic!
Bad hair, flares, a flashing dance floor, Leslie Neilson (attempting to play a straight guy), a character called Slick (who isn't!) Prom Night's got it all! You could do worse on a Friday night if you've got nothing better to do.
Anyway, enough padding (this is turning into a really long post - I hope I haven't lost you?) back to Frocktober and the really scary stuff..taffeta galore!
Meet The Prom Queens
Allison (and her spunky partner Rodney) at her school formal 1988.
Isn't she a vision in black velvet and "gold garbage bags"? Al's description, that fantastic gold stuff is really "some exotic man-made (and probably highly flammable, Al) material"
Al saw this dress in an issue of Women's Day in a feature where the frocks were modelled by the cast of Neighbours (love that Al!) Of course she had to have it and she still does! Al is hoping it might be in fashion again by the time her gorgeous little girl Frankie attends her own formal. Ummmmm? Goodluck with that one Al!
Al writes the hilarious and very pretty blog Just Underneath.  When I think of her, the words "top Aussie shelia" come to mind. Al's a bit of a larrikin, a bit of a stirrer, who likes to take the mick (I think Al would prefer p***!). I never read her blog without laughing. Do yourself a favour and check it out!
Do you know who this bob-headed, drop-waisted, puffy sleeved wearing vision of loveliness is? She doesn't show herself very often on her blog, but if I mentioned teak furniture, Bitossi, Marimekko, 70's homes and gardens, the Solid Gold Dancers, you'd pick her immediately, right?!
It's Carmel (aka MMMC) of 70's Chutzpah, frocked up for her formal in 1988. I reckon she looks like Head Girl material in this pic (a fact she denies vehemently), but Carmel reckons she looks like she's about belt out a few show tunes (there was a better pic of this, but it came out all blurry when I tried to upload it) - she says all she's missing is a cane and top hat!
Apart from Carmel's frock, which is pretty special, and Carmel herself of course, I am also taken with that stripey curtain she's posing so nicely in front of...
Carmel's blog is a must read as far as I'm concerned. I love it! Carmel's got class, she's got style, she's got chutzpah, but she's not the nanny! Read it.
Now, who could this wistful looking, sweet young thing be?
(and no, it's not Lucy waiting by the lamp post for Mr Tumnus, or a cast member from Riverdance...)
it's the Pipstar frocked up like a little pixie for her Year 11 social in 1992 (you make me feel so old Pippa)
Pippa didn't want to look the same as everyone else so she bought this vintage dress from the oppy, shortened it and "painstakingly sewed beads on the hem, sleeves and collar" Exactly what you'd expect from a creative like Pippa, right?!
Pippa makes beautiful things from string and clay. Her tassels are famous - sought after by the who's who of interiors (and by us ordinary folk), her macramé, fresh and exciting.
She is also one of the nicest people I'm yet to meet.
OMG! I've written a bloody novel, not a blog post!
I'll end with a photo of me at my Year 12 Social in 1982
and a quote from Prom Night which describes the evening perfectly:
"Tonight someone has come to the prom alone..."
(well, at least I had my besties)
One day of Frocktober to go.
Please sponsor me HERE.
Rachel, Donna and Brismod answered my prayers yesterday (thanks girls x).
That's $1795.00 all up so far. Wow!
(someone please throw five bucks at me!)
Thank you. I am very grateful x
p.s. I'm the one wearing tartan taffeta - in case you didn't know...




Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Nine

Hallelujah, the end is nigh!

This is my third last post for Frocktober and I've got two words for you

(with apologies to Lucas Grogan)

I'm so unco(ol) I couldn't get my pinky to stick out straight!
(much to the amusement of Annabel who begrudgingly took today's photos)
Today's frock is like Stacey's Mom - it's got it (all) goin' on!
(Stacy's Mom, Fountains of Wayne, 2003)
shoulder pads - check
pleated skirt - check
draped neckline - check
peplum waist - check
glittery ode to disco on one of the shoulders - check
(unfortunately you can't see this in the photos because I forgot to do the back button up and it kept slipping off my shoulder and down my back)
sleeves (HALLELUJAH!) - check
While I'm shouting Hallelujah for sleeves (and the end of the month!) I think I'm gonna need some divine intervention to hit my (revised) target of raising $2000 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
Currently, thanks to all of your generous donations and the selling of a few frocks, I have raised $1670, which leaves a $330 short-fall. So please say a few Hail Mary's, or better still, sponsor me here.
Please don't wait for the Grande Finale. I'll say it again: please sponsor me here.
thank you x
p.s. thanks Allana for your recent frock purchase and donation x


Monday, October 28, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Eight

"Burn baby burn -

(it's a) disco inferno"
(The Trammps, 1976)
Today I'm wearing a beautiful vintage 70's dress by Landy's of Perth. It belonged to a lady whose house I used to clean to pay for the girls dancing lessons (costumes!) when they were little. She was pretty stylish in the early 2000's when I scrubbed her bathroom and hoovered her floors, and if this frock is any indication, she must've been blazin* back in the day, when she wore it to Pinocchio's. (nightclub here in Perth in the 70's)
trying my best (but failing miserably) to imitate one of those, so bad they're good, 70's crochet pattern books
 stiff. as. a. board!
(vintage 70's macramé mandala, found recently in a local op-shop)
Sorry, but I cannot bring myself to sell this one. It's got sleeves - it's a keeper! I do however have this little number for you to consider.
"so Frenchy so chic"
Masquerade, Mode de Paris. Polyester (but it mimics towelling?!) frock, size 14 (and it really is - I've just pulled the belt in tightly to cinch the waist).
Send me a note if you're interested. Remember postage is on me and your payment goes to my Frocktober fund. Speaking of which, it's been a quiet couple of days. I know you're tired of me. I'm tired of me, but please consider sponsoring me HERE. You might miss me when I'm gone...
Check you later x
*like on fire, ttly (totally) hip or hotttttt  (via)
p.s. last call for Prom Night photos if you're brave enough - I'm pencilling it in For Wednesday. Go on, I dare you!



Sunday, October 27, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Seven

Bonus Guest Frockster (that makes nine)
It was so nice when these photos of today's guest frockster popped up in my inbox yesterday. They were a God-send actually, which sounds pathetic I know, but if you knew how much I (still) hate having my photo taken, and the lengths I have to go to get one of the two little darlings to take a few snaps of me (now that Anth is away again), you might get where I'm coming from.  
Anyway, that's enough whinging from me. Meet my beautiful friend (and saviour) Sue from Perth, Western Australia,

(yep, finally a homie!)
and her pooch Nancy.
Sue describes herself as "a designer of sorts, rather obsessed with recreating the halcyon days of my idyllic 1970's childhood spent in the outer Eastern burbs of Melbourne"
If you can manage it - tear your eyes away from Sue's gorgeous smile (and her garden - of which I am insanely jealous!) for a sec, and focus on that frock. Sue calls it her Fernando frock. It's the real Mc Coy too, bought by her Mum Barb, from San Francisco's Fishing Boat Harbour, on a family holiday to the USA in 1974. It's a frock with provenance, gotta like that!
And (just in case you were wondering...) this is why Sue calls it her Fernando frock
image via

Sue and I are yet to meet, 
(although we have a big date planned next month when we are attending a Shannon Fricke interiors workshop together. We figure if we run out of things to say/hate each other on sight(!) we can focus on Shannon. Seriously, I am very excited about meeting Sue properly, and I reckon we'll get along like a house on fire. After all, what's not to love about someone who appreciates a good fart joke like Sue does?!)
I compare our friendship to a modern-day version of Helene and Frank's, except hopefully my appendix doesn't burst before we finally lay eyes on each other!
Frocktober's nearly done and dusted. Only five days to go. Frock yeah! Honestly, as the days have passed I am finding writing these posts a bit of a struggle (even with the assistance of my lovely guest frocksters), thanks for sticking with me, even though I know it's becomming a rough read. I really appreciate it.
I'll let Sue do the talking to fin "I wish for medical research to develop a simple early detection test for ovarian cancer available to all women"
Please sponsor me Here. Your donation will help Sue's wish (and mine) become a reality. Thank you x
p.s. last chance for Prom Night photos if you're brave enough - I'm pencilling it in For Wednesday. 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Six

me again

"As I stood and watched, You looked so neat
In your white bobby socks, clinging to your feet
With your white bobby socks, white bobby socks, Ah-Ha"
White Bobby Socks, Wally Lewis, 1958
(Never a hit, I wonder why?!)
I am wearing an authentic, handmade 50's frock, lacy bobby socks, and frilly 50's petticoat.
If you would like to make them yours send me a note. They are both for sale separately. The dress is in almost perfect condition apart from a tiny hole in the bodice - nothing a couple of stitches wouldn't fix (I can email a pic, if you're interested) It is tiny though - I'm an 8, and I just squeezed in!
The petticoat has pretty multi-coloured edging on the frills. It has an elastic waist and would fit anybody. It's very flouncy, flouncy.
(all proceeds to my Frocktober fund)


its Peter Pan collar has been decorated with tiny little plastic rosebuds, diamantes, and faux pearls. Just beautiful. 

whirling dervish 50's style
Do you like my homemade Coke sign? I bought it at a swap meet a
couple of years ago for three bucks. It's very old, but unfortunately the bloke who sold it knew nothing about it's history. He found it in a pile of rubbish, as you do...
Not long to go now. Please sponsor me here if you can. It would "razz my berries" if you do.
Later x



Friday, October 25, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Five

Guest Frockster # 8

Business first.

Day twenty five(!), only six days to go!

Before I introduce you to today's special guest (I think she might be my last Guest Frockster too btw...) I'd like to let you know that so far we have raised $1640 for research into ovarian cancer.

Onya guys! You (f)rock big time!

Only 360 smackeroos and the total clicks over to a whopping 2K! Wouldn't that be awesome?! I mean $1640's pretty bloody awesome, but $2000? Well that would be even more awesomer! Do you think we can get there in six days? It's a bit of an ask, but "I aint too proud to beg" (for a really good cause), so please if you can add a bit of dosh to the pot, sponsor me here

(thanks for your donation yesterday Fiona, I really appreciate it)

Okey-dokey, let's get frocking!

Today's guest frockster post is a little different to the rest of them - it's a retrospective look at one of my (our) favourite bloggers. I wonder if you can guess who she is...

Here she is with her family on Easter Sunday, 1959, wearing a beautiful frock made by her Mom (hint). She is eleven years old in this photo.
Our guest frockster still remembers this dress "it was a polished cotton print in pale blues and pinks with a pink three-quarter sleeve jacket"

Check the socks, gloves and little matching clutch bag. Too cute!

Soooo, do you know who she is?

I reckon the next photo's going to give the game away...

This is our gorgeous g.f. at her bridal shower in 1967, wearing a white linen frock with a turquoise trim, and totally rocking that "newly bleached-blonde, mod, immensely tall, Sassoon" hair-do!
Wanna take a guess?
One more pic before the big reveal.
And this one has the loveliest story. Got your tissues handy? You might need them...

"my husband left for Vietnam three months after we were married. I wrote to him every single day he was gone, and I enclosed silly pictures of myself to make him smile. This is one that made the trip there and came back with him...both all in one piece"

Brunette, red-head, blonde. Gorgeous then and gorgeous now.

If you didn't guess, today's guest frockster is Dana, author of mid2mod, all the way from Fort Worth, Texas. Yee-ha! In this pic she is clowning around with her daughter at an antique mall.
Dana's blog is legendary. If you don't know your Eames from your elbow, mid2mod is a good place to start. From Alvar Aalto to Zoo Line monkeys, well known designers to obscure, Dana's got them covered.
Apart from being a bit of a font as far as 20th Century stuff goes, Dana is also warm and funny. She's got a heart bigger than Texas - had to trot that one out, it's true though!
I'll end (phew!) with a few words from Dana:
At age 65, I've lost a number of friends and relatives to cancer. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at aged 40, and I was very fortunate that there was a cure. As a result I got to see my daughter grow up, finish college and get married. I now have two wonderful grandsons who are the loves of my life.
We owe our mothers and sisters and friends the same chance that I had, should they be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Kylie is doing a phenomenal job raising money for this cause. (oh shucks!)
If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so.
Thanks Dana, and thanks to you guys for reading my blog and supporting my Frocktober x
p.s. let me know in the comments if you knew it was Dana

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Four

Guest Frockster # 7
Today's guest frockster is the fabularse (her word, not mine - although she's definitely fabulous) Ms Helga von Trollop from Christchurch New Zealand.
(I feel I should cue applause and cheering here!)

Helga is a singer with not one, but two bands(!), who is obsessed with second-hand, "prancing about in an unseemly manner" and generally just looking gorgeous (although there's a lot more to her than that!)

She says "I dress to the max most days because I get a great deal of pleasure from it" (what better reason could there be?!)

She also says (and I like this) "I'm in my 40's, and you need to know that being over 40 doesn't mean a decline into banality, it's really rather pleasant"

(I'm nearly 50 and sometimes I feel like I'm disappearing...Helga's words give me courage to be a little more like the colourful and nosiy me I used to be when I was younger...)

I could trot out Helgarisms until the cows come home, but instead, feast your eyes, because here she is in all her glory, frocked-up specially for us!

Ms Helga von Trollop "feeling experimental with a weird peachy colour and pantaloons"
On (ovarian) cancer Helga says this: "I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer therefore I feel all cancer to be the scourge of womankind. Don't be remiss on getting routine checks, ladies, and pay special attention to anything unusual"
Sage advice Helga, I hope everyone's got their listening ears on!
Helga also says "Sponsor Kylie NOW!"
(she doesn't really say that, I'm putting words in her mouth, but you can, if you want, here)
flashing her panti(loon)s - she does that a bit, I think it's the trollop in her?!
Until tomorrow x

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Three

Guest Frockster Six

(Oh) Donna

(Ritchie Valens, 1958) 
Today's guest frockster is a very special bloggy friend of mine. She's a top chick. She's hilariously funny. She's a retrophile, and (when you see her a in sec you'll agree) she's drop-dead-gorgeous!
Meet Donna, blogger and writer, from Melbourne

what did I say about gorgeous?!
Donna says: "it looks like I may be getting instructions from ground control in my earpiece in this photo, but I'm actually trying to tame my unruly fringe from the wind n rain."
Donna's blog is called Hung Up On Retro.
It's her place to indulge her love of all things retro, particularly stuff (photography, tv shows, movies, music, homes, etc) from the 70's. Donna's posts are guaranteed to make you laugh (although some of the images she uses are also guaranteed to make you cringe! Her famous - or should that be infamous(?) Freaky Friday posts come to mind here!) She also writes a monthly retro column for Pearl Magazine.
Donna was also my partner-in-crime in a couple of unforgettable bloggy collaborations. She was the brains behind our It's A Retro Cook-Off gag-fest, and also our pervtastic Show Us A Retro/Vintage Corner of Your Home link-up.
Donna is a sharer and carer
(even trying - unsuccessfully I'm afraid - to teach me how to instagram from afar!) 
she has very kindly offered up the beautiful retro floral number she is modelling so nicely, to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to my Frocktober fund! And she'll spring for postage!
Donna says: "I can't think of a better cause to donate it to than this" Nice one Donna!  Thank you x
Here it is in more detail
beautiful. fat yellow roses on black.
It's a size 10-12 (Donna says depending on how much chocolate you've recently consumed. Ha!). If you'd like to make it yours, please send me a note, and as before we'll take it from there...
incognito at her best friend Emma's Hens Night
(another chance to look at that gorg dress - and the lovely lady wearing it) 
These guest frockster posts have been my favourite thing about getting involved in Frocktober (apart from raising cash for research into ovarian cancer, obs!). I'm sure you all agree, how nice it's been to catch a glimpse of some of the lovely women whose blogs we read, put a face to a name and all that, and to find out a little bit more about them too. Such gorgeous, generous girls, and there's a few more to come...
(I'll be back in the last week with my favourite vintage frocks)
Please sponsor me here if you can.