Friday, October 11, 2013

Frocktober Day Eleven

"Come up and see my etchings"

No photos today (the photographer needs a break and his model is having a bad hair day!), instead I have this sweet little sketch of me in a 60's shift.

When I was 17 and 18, my friends and I loved Paul Weller, The Jam, the movie Quadrophenia, parkers, scooters - the whole Mod thing. This is how we liked to dress - I never had one of those cool chain link belts though...
The artist, lovely Nelly, calls it a scribble - it was done off the cuff and in a hurry - and she was worried I wouldn't like it!
Like it? I love it Nelly! I feel like I've made it now! No-one's ever drawn my portrait before, well apart from my daughters when they were little, and while I loved those blobs of primary colours on butcher's paper...let's just say, they weren't quite as flattering as yours is. 
Nelly is an artist who lives in Melbourne. She loves to draw and paint quirky artwork with a retro bent. Here's one of her newest pieces
"the eyes are the window to the soul"
Nelly describes herself as a "60's, 70's girl, fond of old-school tattoo art, who could open up her own shop with her collection of vintage items"
You'll get to meet Nelly soon because she has agreed to be a guest frockster, (yay!) but in the meantime check out her (very new) blog here and please say Hello - she'd love to hear from you!
Now back to business.
If you would like to sponsor my Frocktober efforts and support research into ovarian cancer please click the give now button here. I really hope you will. Thanks for all your generous donations (and lovely comments) to date x




  1. Yay Kylie......hello sweet....I am so sorry to be commenting only now. It's just lovely to see beautiful you posting again.....and for such a truly important amazing lady.
    Sorry I have been very blurry since the opening of the shop.
    Now I am off to give you some support.......I don't have any ovaries due to I have a little understanding of what it's like to lose them, but can't imagine being faced with cancer.
    Sending much love V

  2. Hey why weren't we friends when we were 17? I was mad about The Jam too but in a small country town my mod sensibilities were considered crazy! Love the sketch. Will send you frock pictures on Monday (have to dye the roots of my hair first!)

  3. This one reminds me of those teen girl annuals where they taught you which section of eyebrow to pluck and what to say to boys.
    In these days of selfies and instant photos it is rather special to have your portrait drawn by a friend. You muse, you!

  4. What a great thing for Nelly to do! I love it.

  5. What a gorgeous drawing, Nelly is very talented, and she has caught your gazelle-like form beautifully! You've definitely made it when someone sketches/paints your portrait. xxxx