Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Two

I'm calling this one the Elaine

wearing vintage(?) 90's Chain Reaction frock and Jellys
I thought about wearing Nikes or brogues with bobby socks to complete the picture, but I had places to go and not enough time to change shoes. I couldn't bring myself to wear this dress with shoes like that in public - although I do sometimes pop on my runners with a dress or skirt to take the dog for a walk when I can't be bothered to change - but always under the cover of darkness!
for obvious reasons:
Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) Seinfeld
George: Is it my imagination, or do really good-looking women walk a lot faster than everybody else?
Elaine: We don't walk that fast.
(Seinfeld, Season 4, The Handicap Spot)
You gotta love her!
this is our lovely old shed, if we decide to stay in the shop/house we would like to turn it into a little house...
Fantastic News!
Miss Powder Blue, the lovely vintage frock generously donated by V of Two Squirrels Vintage has been sold. I am thrilled to report that Vicky is its new owner. Between them, the girls have added another fifty bucks to my Frocktober fund, which is currently sitting pretty at $1630 :) 
Only nine days to go. Please sponsor me here  if you can help make it even prettier. Thank you x
I've been told I dance like Elaine too:
no live footage I'm afraid, that would be taking our friendship too far!



  1. I have missed a huge amount of your posts, its great to see you back and actually in your posts :-) You look beautiful. Congratulations on raising so much money for a wonderful cause, dee x

  2. You are so gorgeous in these photos! I mean movie star gorgeous, not just garden variety gorgeous :) I love that dress. Am I the only one who has a hard time realizing that 1990 was almost 25 years ago? The 90s seem like yesterday.

  3. I LOVE the description.....the Elaine. Whenever I watch Seinfeld I am astounded at how much fashion has changed. The Elaine looks lovely on you, as do all of your frocks. You are a super model my Love!!! Xx

  4. I think I've just put down the same patio slabs as you - kitchen worktops going in as we speak (hopefully). Nice shed!

  5. Yeah, Kylie's got the MOVES! Looking lovely in your Elaine frock, but what I am really envying is that blue sky... Well done to Vanessa and Vicky, it's great that Miss PB has a new home and has raised more money as well. xxx

  6. Now i'm feeling vintage. I loved those dresses. In winter i often wore one over the top of the other. With monkey boots (an english thing) x

  7. I'm with Dana and Vintage Bird Girl - you are Shhmmmokin hot in the pics!!
    I loved Elaine. Great dress - cool garage too. xx

  8. Amazing pics of you, You look gorgeous!!! xoxo

  9. You are so cute in those twirling photos Kylie. Wish there was live footage, I'd love to hear you laughing :) I am so enjoying seeing all these snippets of your home too. That shed would make a lovely little house. xx

  10. Beautiful, Kylie, both you and the frock!!

  11. Nah sorry! But I need bobby socks and runners till I say how lovely you are! ;)

  12. What a lovely shed. Our studio is built along the design lines of those old garages with the little peaked facade. And nice corrugated iron wall. Sorry, were there dresses?

  13. I need to go back and read all of these frock posts. You are doing a marvelous job. That shed is the bomb for sure. And how in the world did you figure out that dress looked like Elaine. AWESOME!!!!

  14. Just watched the video. Chuckle chuckle.