Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Merry...

from our home

be it ever so humble...

to yours.

A Modernist Gingerbread House. In case you were wondering! Inspired by this one

(and I had such high hopes too!)

The sad thing - apart from the house itself of course - is that the gingerbread, which I baked from scratch, was a triumph. A triumph I tell you! 
God what a mess, and I can't even blame it on the girls! It's mine...all mine! Anthony just walked past it and laughed (note: I said Anthony, not Anth), and there's royal icing everywhere!

Thanks for sending me the link Zara, so sorry I didn't do it justice (you'll see).
(Now I'm even more anxious about those 3D models I'm meant to come up with next year - can you blame me!?)

Thank you for reading, and following, and commenting on my posts this year. I really appreciate it, and your bloggy friendship. You are all lovely and funny and kind and clever. Happy Christmas everyone, here's to a wonderful 2013!

p.s. best Christmas present ever!

the Jedster's got the ALL CLEAR!

(these pics were taken before his op - he's still wearing the cone of silence - boy does he need a bath!)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Say It With Flowers

This is how those 50's hostesses with the mostest did it in the late 50's

This is NOT how I'll be doing it on a 40 degree day 2012, although truth be told, those evergreens they seemed so fond of back then, would have a much better chance of standing up to the heat than my Magnolias will. If all else fails (there might not be any Magnolia's blooming for me to pick) I'm going to stick bits of succulent in little glass jars and light a few candles...

Please supply your own one liners. I know you will, and I know they'll be funny (you never disappoint - your comments are always hilarious) Some of these arrangements are begging for them - if only I had more probably won't have time to comment either come to think of it, but you can think funny comments in your head - that's what I did! 

"Perch a cascade of carnations and holly atop an elegant silver candelabra"

"Be sure to fireproof the greenery"

"Here's an arrangement you could make from the lower branches cut off a too tall Christmas tree"

"It's a Merry Christmas breakfast table"

"Simple yet sophisticated use of evergreen tips and cones"

Words and pics from Better Homes and Gardens Flower Arranging, published 1957.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas 80's Style

"Beautiful Holiday Ideas"
(published in 1980 and the source of these incredible - but not in a good way, images)
is currently winging its way to someone special for Christmas, but before I let it out of my clutches and braved the queue at Australia Post, I had to scan a few pics to share with you.

The 80's was all about BIG. Big hair, big shoulder pads in even bigger jackets, big earrings, big tops etc. Christmas, it seems, was no exception.

p.s. I'll leave it to you to supply your own descriptions as time is my enemy at the moment. 

although, I must remember to buy Anth a pair of Hush Puppies...and I can't resist adding "Cheers, Big Ears!"

One or two things you'll notice in these pics - the kids are all scarily animated,

and creepy looking dolls or "very special friends" under the tree are de rigueur.

Look it's Mary, (the good sister from) Little House on the Prairie!

If Anthony was this excited about trimming the tree
ours might actually be up!

Creepy doll, creepier Santa, (I prefer Father Christmas but "Beautiful Holiday Ideas" is an American publication) there's nothing creepy about that "big soft sculpture banner" though. Just ditch the holly and it's a winner. I love it. How cool would this look in a 70's split level (or 1920's shop/house)?!

There are many more "beautiful ideas" in the book, but maybe its new owner can show you some of those next year...

Here's her card

it's another stunner, painted with the mouth, by Irene Schricker.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Allsorts

Still no tree (that paper chain tree is starting to look good!), but it is "beginning to look a little bit like Christmas" round here.

vintage pillow slips, Annabel's room.

"At least my room looks Christmassy!" Annabel

"and messy!" Me

(you just can't see the mess in this pic!)

I think she's trying to tell me something...

they're lucky!

(check the curtains. Lovely.)

from The Warmth Inside, Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories.

I buy these pillow slips whenever I see them in the oppy because we used them as Santa sacks when I was little. Five of them, always stuffed full on Christmas morning.

(I don't know how my Mum and Dad did year my Mum's purse was stolen while she was waiting to pay for our toys at the checkout. I know now that she would've saved all year to buy our Christmas presents. Just imagine...)

I'm thinking of popping a couple on my own bed (I mean 'our' bed of course, Anth).

We may not have a tree, but I've got cracking and made some crackers

toilet rolls and brown paper never looked so good!

The garden's getting dressed-up for Christmas (with no help from me!)

The most important member of the family has his own stocking

more of Annabel's handiwork

still no word from the Vet yet...

Nativities, they're out, and we've got a few:

vintage plaster, no noses.

vintage plastic, there's a touch of Gilligan's Island about this one. More tropical hut than stable.

another childhood memory - the nativity and Gilligan's Island!

vintage timber, made in Bethlehem.

vintage wool (well it's as old as Adelaide anyway!)

As far as nativities go, I think it's safe to say we've got it covered! Although I can't find my favourite anywhere. St Anthony? Help!

It's Tuesday, so I'll end with my very last vintage t.t. for the year (can you cope?) 

It's a Christmas one too (my one and only!) Sent to me all the way from Blighty by lovely Gem, who found it in a Cherry Tree (aka charity shop)

thanks Gem x

and this

right on Uncle Artie!

from It Always Comes Back, as above.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards...

to end the week with.

Starlit Carols
from an original painted with the mouth by Arn Uff.

Sadly I cannot find any information on Arn who also painted


Child of God
from an original painted with the mouth by Bruce Peardon

Bruce was an Australian who also wrote and illustrated several best-selling children's books. 

Silent Night
from an original painted with the mouth by Irene Schricker

Here's more of Irene's gorgeous work

I did scribble the details down somewhere before I popped this one in the post, but I can't find them anywhere and Saint Anthony's not listening! 

this is Irene's too (and it's one of my favourites)


And I know you won't mind if I end with a pic of the Jedster

our little space dog.