Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Three

Guest Frockster Six

(Oh) Donna

(Ritchie Valens, 1958) 
Today's guest frockster is a very special bloggy friend of mine. She's a top chick. She's hilariously funny. She's a retrophile, and (when you see her a in sec you'll agree) she's drop-dead-gorgeous!
Meet Donna, blogger and writer, from Melbourne

what did I say about gorgeous?!
Donna says: "it looks like I may be getting instructions from ground control in my earpiece in this photo, but I'm actually trying to tame my unruly fringe from the wind n rain."
Donna's blog is called Hung Up On Retro.
It's her place to indulge her love of all things retro, particularly stuff (photography, tv shows, movies, music, homes, etc) from the 70's. Donna's posts are guaranteed to make you laugh (although some of the images she uses are also guaranteed to make you cringe! Her famous - or should that be infamous(?) Freaky Friday posts come to mind here!) She also writes a monthly retro column for Pearl Magazine.
Donna was also my partner-in-crime in a couple of unforgettable bloggy collaborations. She was the brains behind our It's A Retro Cook-Off gag-fest, and also our pervtastic Show Us A Retro/Vintage Corner of Your Home link-up.
Donna is a sharer and carer
(even trying - unsuccessfully I'm afraid - to teach me how to instagram from afar!) 
she has very kindly offered up the beautiful retro floral number she is modelling so nicely, to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to my Frocktober fund! And she'll spring for postage!
Donna says: "I can't think of a better cause to donate it to than this" Nice one Donna!  Thank you x
Here it is in more detail
beautiful. fat yellow roses on black.
It's a size 10-12 (Donna says depending on how much chocolate you've recently consumed. Ha!). If you'd like to make it yours, please send me a note, and as before we'll take it from there...
incognito at her best friend Emma's Hens Night
(another chance to look at that gorg dress - and the lovely lady wearing it) 
These guest frockster posts have been my favourite thing about getting involved in Frocktober (apart from raising cash for research into ovarian cancer, obs!). I'm sure you all agree, how nice it's been to catch a glimpse of some of the lovely women whose blogs we read, put a face to a name and all that, and to find out a little bit more about them too. Such gorgeous, generous girls, and there's a few more to come...
(I'll be back in the last week with my favourite vintage frocks)
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  1. i sit here, scrolling through your frocktober clever madness, and i cheer, kylie.

  2. Yay for Donna! ...she's even better in real life!
    Xx to you both!

  3. What a great look at the beautiful Donna! And how generous of her to donate that lovely dress!

  4. Donna is gorgeous and the dress is yet another beaut. xx

  5. Super cute! You are cracking me up. Nice one Donna. Great frock. This October series is the best. Ever.

  6. Now, I was singing Donna by 10CC, which I am sure a 70s-loving retro chick like your friend Donna would appreciate! She's a gorgeous lady, and another kind hearted and generous soul, to donate her beautiful frock. "0h Donna, you make me stand up"! xxxx

  7. How WONDERFUL to finally "meet" Donna, the lady behind my favorite Freaky Friday treats:-) What a gorgeous sweetheart she is! She obviously has a big heart too, donating that lovely dress!

  8. It's funny but I always think of her in hotpants holding roller skates! Yay for REAL Donna!

  9. I've been away and I've been missing the daily frock - this one's so classically beautiful. Gorgeous!

  10. ah man!!....I thought shed be a little freakier!!! its the quiet ones you've gotta watch!......I want hotpants next time!!! x

  11. Thanks so much for your comments guys! I was super happy to be involved with Kylie's Frocktober.
    Hot pants!! Hilarious. I fear women and children would run screaming like it was Armageddon should I hit the street in hot pants. But a jumpsuit I could do.... xx