Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fancy Living in an Old Corner Shop? Ours is For Sale!

***NEWSFLASH*** Under Offer in less than a week!

Hello stranger!

Here are some snaps of our old shop house, tarted up ready to sell. I thought I'd post them just in case any of you who read this blog over the years would like a sticky at the finished product. 

As I write this I'm thinking about the 'heady' days of blogging and how much fun it was. I'm also wondering what you're up to, and that it's probably a waste of time publishing this because chances are no one will see it anyway...
Anthony and I worked our butts off renovating this house. There were times I hated it with a passion, but now that it looks so shiny and lovely I want to move back in! Funny that!

Anyway, here tis
Before I sign off (quite possibly for the last time) here are a couple of before pics to remind you of what we were dealing with. It looked waaaay better in the photos than it did irl! Seriously! We could it the sh*t hole!
Now to get started on the next one (newish and on the sterile side).
Take care, thanks for reading. Over and OUT!


Check our 'famous' loo here.

More For Sale info and photos here