Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Frocktober Day Two

 "never a frown with golden brown" The Stranglers, 1981.

Golden Brown was one of my favourite songs back (waaay back!) in the Summer of '82. I was only 17, fresh out of high school (a Catholic, all-girls one at that!), as naïve as they come...I had no idea that Hugh and the boys catchy love song, was an ode to Heroin, as I sang along with it whenever it came on the radio.
What this useless bit of information has to do with Frocktober, and why I've written about it here, is not worth thinking about...although, I am wearing a brown frock with golden threads running through it, and because of your lovely generous donations I am well and truly over the half-way mark in my fund raising efforts - already, so I am smiling, not frowning. How's that?
(I've been away from this blog for a while -  obviously I need practice and a good editor!)
Anyway, today I am wearing an old, not vintage, but op-shopped, Fleur Wood frock. It is one of my favourites and it only cost me fiddy cents!
(Fiddy, btw, has got more in common with The Stranglers than I ever will!)
I think I'd better quit for today while I'm slightly ahead (ahem!), but before I choof off, big thank you's to: Sarah, Sue, Dana,  Curtise,  Tove,  Tanya,  Zara, Sandy, Anne, and Woolfy * for your kind and generous donations.
By sponsoring me, you have made a positive contribution to the development of an early detection test for ovarian cancer. This will ultimately save women's lives, which is pretty awesome. 
Would you sponsor me too please?
Just click here .
I also really appreciate your positive and supportive comments x
See you tomorrow, Kylie x
* if I've missed anybody out - sorry - I'll pop your name down next time :)   



  1. Yay for you...
    Yay for you being back in this space.....
    Yay for lovely frocks

  2. Kylie, I cannot believe you are in your 40s! Another fabulous frock you gorgeous thing you. Xx

  3. Hi Kylie, just catching up on blogland after being away, and can you imagine how excited I was to see you'd popped up again. Hey, I never knew that about Golden Brown either, I used to sing along to Peaches - all very dodgy! I've taken the credit card out of the mothballs too, so looking forward to the rest of the month! S:)

  4. you are seriously hot..........loving this dress masses you flamin beauty x x x

  5. You look amazing Kylie, you little model you.
    Over half way to your fundraising goal, congratulations. x

  6. You look totally fabulous the dress and your wear it like you mean it! x

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You, the dress and the yard.

  8. You stunning woman!! Can't believe we're about the same age, you're even two years older!! Who on earth told us we reach our prime at 25?!? Shame on them! Oh, and the dress is just lovely:-)

  9. WOW!!! I just looked at your total, and it's sitting at $920.50. You've almost made your goal of $1000 in TWO DAYS!!! Maybe you need to become a professional fundraiser. :)

  10. Best Legs In The World.
    Cute frock too. xxxx

  11. ahh, love this. Have sponsored, blogged and face booked :):)

  12. You look about 18. Have you been on the juice again?! xxx