Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Nine

Hallelujah, the end is nigh!

This is my third last post for Frocktober and I've got two words for you

(with apologies to Lucas Grogan)

I'm so unco(ol) I couldn't get my pinky to stick out straight!
(much to the amusement of Annabel who begrudgingly took today's photos)
Today's frock is like Stacey's Mom - it's got it (all) goin' on!
(Stacy's Mom, Fountains of Wayne, 2003)
shoulder pads - check
pleated skirt - check
draped neckline - check
peplum waist - check
glittery ode to disco on one of the shoulders - check
(unfortunately you can't see this in the photos because I forgot to do the back button up and it kept slipping off my shoulder and down my back)
sleeves (HALLELUJAH!) - check
While I'm shouting Hallelujah for sleeves (and the end of the month!) I think I'm gonna need some divine intervention to hit my (revised) target of raising $2000 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
Currently, thanks to all of your generous donations and the selling of a few frocks, I have raised $1670, which leaves a $330 short-fall. So please say a few Hail Mary's, or better still, sponsor me here.
Please don't wait for the Grande Finale. I'll say it again: please sponsor me here.
thank you x
p.s. thanks Allana for your recent frock purchase and donation x



  1. You look totally gorgeous - frock yeah - I'll be using that one!

  2. My friends who used to live in Brooklyn now live in New Jersey. The trip to their house from the airport goes past the 'Fountains of Wayne' sign on the freeway. It's a water landscaping business in a town called Wayne. I like to sing 'Stacey's Mom' at the top of my voice every time we pass it.

  3. You are such a little cutie and you can't disguise it with pretend swearing or sticking your tongue out :D xxx

  4. Absolute gorgeousness you are. X

  5. "Frock yeah" is my new favorite euphemism. Every time I say it, I'll think of that face you're making in the last photo. Love it!!! :)

  6. Beautiful, Kylie!! This one and the one yesterday are my favorites of the whole month! You look absolutely stunning in them too:-)

  7. Love the frock with the lot! Will donate the money for the blue '50's frock Kylie...getting closer! On the home straight now!

  8. Frock yeah, that's a great dress! Look at you, being cheeky - and still looking completely adorable! Please tell me there is a portrait of you in an attic with wrinkles and bags and other signs of age befitting someone the same vintage as me, or I might cry... xxxx

  9. Totally cute - I'm going to miss you, where has October gone! I had an attempt of frocking it myself today in the hope to send some donations your way. Sx

  10. Very glam my dear. You look stunning!! Xo

  11. Frockin' fantastic. Take more photos Annabel!

    PS (I have no idea who all your references are for - Stacey? Wayne? Am I out of it? No need to explain.)

  12. Frock yeah! love that dress Kylie
    Just (very tardily) donated: awesome job you've done! x