Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frocktober Day Thirteen

"Mamma Mia, here I go again"(!)
(Abba, released 1975)

pic taken at the upper, Eastern reaches of the Swan River - a five minute walk from home. I used to swim here when I was a kid - wouldn't stick my big toe in these days though!
Today's frock is what my brutally honest daughters refer to as mumsy. Funny that, because the last time I stuck my nose into their very messy bedrooms, that's exactly what I was!
Anyway, mumsy or not, I've got another eighteen days(!) of this frocking-up biz to get through! I can't look like the cool mum all the time! (ahem!)
So having said all that, I'm not even going to try and flog you this one, but instead, I offer you these:
No, they're not giant mummy sucking-in pants! You're looking at a vintage, Loveable long leg, panty girdle - made especially for the "young sophisticate". They are in perfect vintage condition - in fact I doubt they've ever been worn. The label says small, and believe me, these things are tiny! They'd be pure torture to get on, let alone wear! In my opinion, if you're that small, a girdle is the last thing you need!
As before, let me know if you'd like to buy them - postage is on me, payment to Frocktober fund. 
Speaking of which, please think about sponsoring me. Together we have raised $1360.50 for research into ovarian cancer. I am extremely grateful for all of your generous donations. You are awesome, but it has gotten a little bit quiet on the sponsor front...please don't leave me hanging  here on my own in my mumsy frock...if you've thought about sponsoring me, but haven't yet, do it today. HERE. Please. 
I hope you had a lovely weekend, and thanks for supporting my Frocktober efforts guys - I really appreciate it.
Guest frocksters coming up next week. Starting tomorrow. Yay!



  1. Don't listen to your girls this time, it looks lovely!

  2. I quite like the look of the mumsy dress, as for the girdle it looks positively tiny! mel x

  3. Don't we wait our whole lives for someone to someday call us "mumsy"???? It surely is our calling LOL.xx

  4. Orrrsome! I need a pair of those! You look so fab hon, that most of us are just like bloody hell! xoxo

  5. I'm rather fond of girdles...!
    O, this pic is beautiful! 5 mins form home, you say?! BLISS!
    Your frock is just lovely! Ignore the naysayers! XXX

  6. I grew up in the girdle era. Can you imagine anything as ridiculous as cute teenage girls squeezing themselves into those torture devices for absolutely no good reason...but we did. Same for the longline bra. All I can figure is that our mothers pushed them on us, thinking they would keep us chaste.

    You look lovely in that dress, no matter what the kids say. Remind them that those words will come back to haunt them someday, when their own kids accuse them of looking matronly. We never think it will happen to us, do we...but that braless girl in bellbottoms was just looking at "sensible shoes" last night. ;)

  7. Well from one mumsy to another, you look lovely.

  8. Mumsy? Clip them round the ears, naughty girls! You look dreamy in that pretty frock, and in such a gorgeous location. I'd love to wear that girdle but have no chance of squeezing into it! xxx