Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frocktober Day Fifteen

"one week he's in polka-dots, the next week he's in stripes 'cos he's a dedicated follower of fashion" 

(Ray Davies, The Kinks, 1966)

I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion and never have been (I hate shopping for clothes), but today I am wearing stripes - and oh my goodness me, they're horizontal! Horizontal stripes are evil! They're the worst type of stripe dontcha know...the stripe most of us should avoid at all costs!
(see, no dedication!) 

Even a hundred and fifty plus years ago the 'experts' were telling women to avoid them:

"The woman who is stout should remember that solid colours always draw less attention to stoutness than checked, flowered and horizontally striped materials" 

(The New Way Course in Fashionable Clothes-making, 1926)

Insert 'raspberry' here.

Anyway, that's just a bit of padding for you.

(thank goodness there's another lovely guest frockster pencilled-in for tomorrow - clearly I am running out of interesting conversation)

I don't really care about stripes making me look fat.
(although I've popped on a shirt to cover my bingo arms/tuck shop wings - and this one's new to me (and really grosses me out) nana flaps - ewwwww!)

I bought this Gorman dress online and I was just glad it fit me.
(I've had to send things back before and that's a pain...does anyone else think those sizing charts are a load of old rubbish?)

I'd be even gladder if you would sponsor me.

I'm going a bit cray-cray, and there's still sixteen days to go! For my mental health and the health of your ovaries, hit the give now button here. Please!

(thanks for your donation yesterday Hannapat x) 


  1. Love this dress Kylie, it looks fabulous on you! I do not own any clothes from Gorman but I have often admired them...I might need to do a little online shopping myself. Size charts on website are a totally 'lucky dip' I agree!

  2. Love the dress and you do know that just last year they proved that horizontal lines are actually suppose to be more slimming than ever thought before. You look gorgeous and your welcome, soz it was only little but pennies are few and far between right now. xoxo

  3. I'm glad you know better than to take any of that so-called "fashion advice" - you are rocking the horizontal stripes and the chevrons, Kylie! Great colours too. xxx

  4. You are gorgeous Kylie....I have enjoyed each & every frock during frocktober. Everything looks amazing on you. Sorry I haven't been commenting, I have been reading! Well done on such a huge total too. Xx

  5. It takes more than horisontal stripes to make YOU look fat, Kylie:-) I looove this one, it could even make ME want to wear a dress! Both the colors and the horizontal and chevron combo, very chic indeed:-)

  6. I like that one. Martha likes grabbing my tuckshop wings and loves it when I say "Quit squeezing my fadoobadahs". I like cardigans.

  7. It's a lovely frock!
    Stripes, schmipes! If you like 'em, wear 'em, feck the rules! Besides, you are about the size of my thigh.
    Georgia was just gorgeous yesterday! XXX

  8. It's a lovely dress, looks great on you too.

  9. That dress looks so pretty on you Kylie! :)