Monday, October 7, 2013

Frocktober Day Seven

Saying it With Flowers
Pretty as they are, those Ranunculus I'm carrying are more than just a prop. They give me something to do with my hands!

I am still struggling with all this poncing about in front of the camera stuff - even after a week, and I'm sure (in fact, I know!) I'll be just as uncomfortable on the thirty-first (and last) day of this 'gig', as I was on the first.

Anyway, enough about me. This is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Here are some statistics for you to consider:

 * every ten hours one woman dies from ovarian cancer in Australia

 * in 2010, in the United Kingdom, twelve women died every day from
   ovarian cancer.
 * the National Cancer Institute estimates that 14 030 women will
   die from ovarian cancer in the USA this year.
Scary stuff eh?
Please sponsor me HERE.
Just like Angy did (thanks Angy x)  
Every dollar counts and will make a difference. Probably to the life of someone you know and love. It could even be your own. Think about it.
trying to pose and cracking myself up in the process
"I've got one word for you...sleeves!"
(Lucille to Lindsay, Arrested Development)

 p.s. vintage 80's, size 8, "South Pacific" frock for sale. 
      Great shape and lovely pockets.
      Postage on me, payment to my Frocktober fund.
      Send me a note if you're interested.


  1. Pretty Kylie...I am loving the glimpses of your house too! x

  2. Arrested Development. Such a funny series. How are your knobs? They look huge!

  3. Posing is hard, but you're a natural! Looking fabulous it's even more impressive that you are working through your pain barrier for such a great cause. xxx

  4. oh I don't know!....I think your a natural. just stand there and we will gork at you.....simple really. im glad someone else mentioned the huge knobs! usually so shy about those kinda things!. Poor Anth surrounded by all you girls and those knobs....pour the man a drink! x

  5. Hands really are a nuisance when it comes to posing for pictures, aren't they? I never know what to do with mine either. The flowers were a great idea.

    I love that you worked the quote in, even though I think you're good to go on the sleeveless thing for at least 20 more years. You have the whole wagga wagga thing totally under control! ;)

  6. Very elegant, Kylie, love this one!! Looks like the fabric is the lovely, floating kind.
    What I can see if your kitchen looks fab!! Big nobs are all the rage (I can hear you two laughing, Al and Carmel, I'm trying to stay focused on the cabinet doors:-)!
    And I'm spotting a familiar piece of pottery on the table:-)

  7. Don't be silly, Kylie, you look gorgeous. I've just had to scroll back up to look for your big knobs - missed them the first time round. Nice. We've just finished watching the first season of Arrested Development. Lucille - what is she like?! xx

  8. You are doing great Kylie.

    I have just posted on my blog about your Frocktober so hopefully we can get the $$$ coming in.

  9. way to go Kylie...did you see 'a flock of seagulls' in your 80s travel?
    donated $20 for your beautiful cause.

  10. You look lovely in that dress, and well done for helping to raise money and awareness - you're doing both brilliantly! x

  11. Oh you are a funny thing - you are so gorgeous, and look so sophisticated and elegant in your LBD, and yet you don't see it! You don't have to love the poncing about, just fake it and you'll make it! xxxx

  12. I tried to donate, but my cookies are disabled, and I don't know how to enable them.