Monday, October 21, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty-One

Guest Frockster Number Five

Today you're in for a special treat, because guest frockster number five is none other than sweet Vanessa, from Two Squirrels Vintage.

"singin' smilin' in the rain"

I first clapped eyes on V (as she prefers to be called) when I saw her (and her daper partner Warren) in the pages of Frankies Spaces. Never in a million years did I think we'd strike up a little friendship (albeit a bloggy one)...looking at her pics in Spaces I would've said she was far too cool to bother with someone like me!But you see, V not only knows everything there is about frocking-up (she dresses to vintage perfection every day!), she is also very, very nice.

In 2010 V and Warren's vintage shops were destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes (all their vintage treasures collected over many years, lost). I can only imagine their heartbreak and despair, but those little squirrels picked themselves up and started all over again. In fact they have just opened a new little shoppe, Two Squirrels Vintage in Milton.

You can read more about the squirrels story here.

"she's a real humdinger and I like it like that"
(Devil With a Blue Dress On, Shorty Long and William "Mickey" Stevenson, 1964)
V is wearing a late 70's, very pretty, powder blue chiffon frock.
The fabulous news is: V has donated this gorgeous frock (and postage!) to my Frocktober fund. How awesome is that?!
I told you she was nice!
V says this pretty frock would fit a size 12 - 16, depending on how its new owner would like it to sit. If you would like to make it yours please send me an email, and we'll take it from there. I will sell it to the highest bidder.
Not only do I have lovely guest frocksters sending me their pics, they also write my copy! (ahem) I love it! You guys make my job so easy!
Here are V's thoughts on ovarian cancer
The day we took these photographs it was pouring with rain, and it made me think about all the heartfelt tears that must have been shed for many beautiful women who have lost their lives to terrible diseases like ovarian cancer...the families who are left with a very large gap in their lives, the sadness of not sharing the special moments, simple things with mothers, sisters, aunties and friends.
So under a polka-dot umbrella I am smiling and congratulating Kylie, because these funds may help to protect many incredible women from the terrible effects of this cancer.
Thanks for those lovely words (and everything else) V x
Thanks for sponsoring me yesterday Sian (of course twenty bucks is ok, it's more than ok!)
Give now here if you can.
Just shy of $1600 now, thanks to you (lovely) lot.
Me again tomorrow (ho-hum!) still some gorgeous guest frocksters to come though...



  1. I like her already! Great post, lovely frock....not long to go now! Please stay around!!!

  2. Oh Kylie what lovely words........I feel so warm and fuzzy are just so amazing.....thank you.
    I hope Miss powder blue finds a home and a wonderful donation.
    Sending much live v

  3. What a lovely lady. Love the blue with the green grass background.

  4. What lovely and interesting guests you have been sharing with us Kylie, thank you all x

  5. You have been having some great guests...loving the fashion show indeed. x

  6. V is a lovely woman, inside and out. Congratulations on approaching $1600. That's fantastic.

  7. Miss V is one of the loveliest and sweetest of all my blogging friends - and there is some stiff competition! She looks like a dream in blue chiffon, and has such a kind heart. xxxx