Sunday, October 27, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Seven

Bonus Guest Frockster (that makes nine)
It was so nice when these photos of today's guest frockster popped up in my inbox yesterday. They were a God-send actually, which sounds pathetic I know, but if you knew how much I (still) hate having my photo taken, and the lengths I have to go to get one of the two little darlings to take a few snaps of me (now that Anth is away again), you might get where I'm coming from.  
Anyway, that's enough whinging from me. Meet my beautiful friend (and saviour) Sue from Perth, Western Australia,

(yep, finally a homie!)
and her pooch Nancy.
Sue describes herself as "a designer of sorts, rather obsessed with recreating the halcyon days of my idyllic 1970's childhood spent in the outer Eastern burbs of Melbourne"
If you can manage it - tear your eyes away from Sue's gorgeous smile (and her garden - of which I am insanely jealous!) for a sec, and focus on that frock. Sue calls it her Fernando frock. It's the real Mc Coy too, bought by her Mum Barb, from San Francisco's Fishing Boat Harbour, on a family holiday to the USA in 1974. It's a frock with provenance, gotta like that!
And (just in case you were wondering...) this is why Sue calls it her Fernando frock
image via

Sue and I are yet to meet, 
(although we have a big date planned next month when we are attending a Shannon Fricke interiors workshop together. We figure if we run out of things to say/hate each other on sight(!) we can focus on Shannon. Seriously, I am very excited about meeting Sue properly, and I reckon we'll get along like a house on fire. After all, what's not to love about someone who appreciates a good fart joke like Sue does?!)
I compare our friendship to a modern-day version of Helene and Frank's, except hopefully my appendix doesn't burst before we finally lay eyes on each other!
Frocktober's nearly done and dusted. Only five days to go. Frock yeah! Honestly, as the days have passed I am finding writing these posts a bit of a struggle (even with the assistance of my lovely guest frocksters), thanks for sticking with me, even though I know it's becomming a rough read. I really appreciate it.
I'll let Sue do the talking to fin "I wish for medical research to develop a simple early detection test for ovarian cancer available to all women"
Please sponsor me Here. Your donation will help Sue's wish (and mine) become a reality. Thank you x
p.s. last chance for Prom Night photos if you're brave enough - I'm pencilling it in For Wednesday. 



  1. Sue looks gorgeous in her Fernando frock, and how great that she knows the story of where and when it was bought, I love that!
    Not long now, Kylie - you've done the most fantastic job. xxxx

  2. What a stunning dress she has! :)

  3. That's such a great dress! Yay, Sue, for coming to Kylie's rescue. :)

  4. Love Sue's garden, frock, outdoor setting and that swan - I want them all!
    Hope you guys have a great time togetehr when you finally meet up - Sue looks like great fun. x

  5. I'm joining you in the jealousy camp! Sue's garden is amazing! Love her fake swan and her real duck and that chair and her dress and her! She looks great. I love the Fernando dress and remember the song so well. Came out just after 'Angelo' by Brotherhood of Man. We loved Abba in our family :) xxx

  6. "can you hear the drums fernando"...what a beauty!

  7. Lovely frock, lovely setting! Enjoy the workshop, love Shannon! x

  8. OOOH My Mum had one of those and I believe it was floating amongst the sisters when we were younger. A lot of Mum's stunning frocks met their end when her less lady like daughters wore them to B and S's and parties in the 80's and 90's. I will investigate!

  9. I want to be friends with your new friend too!