Monday, September 30, 2013

Is there anybody out there?

It would be nice if there is.

It has been two months since fin, and here I am again, because I'm wondering...if I resurrected the blog for a little while

(for the month of October in fact)

so that I could participate in Frocktober, to (hopefully) raise some money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, would you pop by and sponsor me?

Even though:

1. I hate having my photo taken - I'd rather go
    to the dentist. Fact.

2. the little voice of reason/common sense inside of me is
    saying: "Don't do it! You'll look like a dummy! You'll be


3. I'm pretty sure I don't even have thirty-one frocks in the first

since I've read about Frocktober, I just can't shake the idea that it's something I should be doing, from my head. It's stuck there like a chorus from an annoying song, or the interior of an awesome mid-century home I've seen for sale that I've fallen in love with. I know we'll never be able to buy it, but the more I try to forget it, the more I keep seeing our furniture (and us) looking perfectly at home in it! 

Right now, as I type this, I'm thinking I should get over myself and just do it! I should throw caution, my fragile ego, and my paint-stained tracky-dacks to the wind! And I will, but only if you guys are prepared to chuck some money at me and my frocks (I'm planning to sell some of the vintage numbers because after this I'll never, ever wear them again. Any money raised would also be donated)

I'd like to raise 1000 bucks (!)
Is this a big ask?
It's got a nice ring to it, and it's a useful, tidy sum, so that's what I'm aiming for.

Please let me know what you think, and I'll make my decision in the morning.

If it's a yes, I'll have to get my act together quickly. It's the 1st tomorrow!
OMG! What am I gonna wear, and who am I going to get to take my photos? (I've got a feeling volunteers round here are going to be thin on the ground...) Will my bum look big?

Dithering over the publish button, Kylie x  

there will probably be lots of pics taken from this angle!


Okay, I'm doing it. Get ready for a month of awkward photos!

Please sponsor me here.

Thank you x


  1. Yes! DO IT! I've not heard of this but am gonna go have a look. I'll throw some pennies at you :) My Nana died of Ovarian cancer xx

  2. Kylie Do it....I will sponsor you....If you had this cancer you would not be worrying about a big bum and nor would anyone else who loved you?
    Do it Do it....JUST DO IT..looking up Frocktober now!
    Bestest as ever Daisy xxxx

  3. I would sponsor you $1 for every day that you do it. So there, you have my money where my mouth is and a goal plan.

  4. I will do a dollar a day too! Just tell me how xx

  5. I'm in too kylie, so leased to see you back here :-)

  6. Absolutely! I'm in! (and welcome back)

  7. Nice to hear your voice again - put me on the list (if you can work out logistics).

  8. Dummy?? Not at all. So pleased you're back - even if it is for a short while. xx

  9. How lovely to see you out here again, Kylie!!! DO IT!!! I would absolutely love a daily frock parade:-) The start looks really good, you look like a star!!! Big bum?!? I can't even find it!! If I can sponsor this from overseas, I will!!

  10. I'm here!

    Gorgeous dress! And welcome back. :)

  11. Count me in! I'm a cervical cancer survivor, so I know what a worthy cause it is.

    And let me just add how wonderful it was to see your blog pop up again. I actually squealed like a little girl.

  12. Yes!! I may even be convinced to buy a dress from your esteemed self. Get back on the horse, Lady Godiva!

  13. So pleased to see you, Kylie! Yay, do it, do it!
    I can't get over how such a beautiful woman is so self-conscious about having her photo taken. Have you SEEN you? You're stunning!
    One of my best friends died of ovarian cancer, 13 years ago now. It was horrifically aggressive. Good for you for choosing such a good cause as a reason to return to blogging. xxxx

  14. well look what the kitty cat dragged in!!!....hello pet....miss ya.....count me in love, any excuse to gawk at your pretty moosh! (that means face Pippa!!)......what a fab reason to get frocked! look beautiful x

  15. Glad you are back and added some $ to your cause :)

  16. Beautiful lady. Count me in a buck a dress. XO

  17. welcome back! and with a bang! i wouldn't have expected anything less and here now you move my heart and soul. n♥

  18. Hello! Welcome back lovely lady. Frocktober sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to your daily dose of dresses. : ) xx

  19. YAY! You're back. Fab idea and great cause. I'm in. xx

  20. I can understand your distaste for having your photo taken, I feel it too, but mine is based on years of hideous images. Yours can't possibly be, you look stunning. I hope this month might help the phobia and that you might be tempted to show yourself more often. xxxx