Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frocktober Day Nine

A Muumuu for Yuuyuu
"I don't want to look like a weirdo. I'll just go with the muumuu"
(Homer Simpson, King-Size Homer)
Today I'm wearing a vintage 1970's Mexican Dress and Cons. I'm a bit iffy on this one...I'm not sure if I should sell it to boost the Frocktober coppers or not. My darling daughters tell me I look pregnant when I wear it (I know I don't look pregnant in these pics, but in the flesh, it does make me look like a frumpy bag-lady. I admit that) but it's just so damn comfortable and easy to wear!
Frumpy or comfy? What's a girl to do? I just wish it looked more Miu Miu, than moo moo! At the moment the comfort factor has a stronger grip than the f.f. I'll keep you posted if I decide to sell.
Here's a pic of me, ever so casually brushing my hair from my face
(I hope you know I'm joking?!)
and here's one of me jumping for joy because together we have raised $1310.50 to help fund research into ovarian cancer.
Care to throw a few pesos 'my' way too?
Julianne  and Nelly did. It would be lovely if you could too, just click Here
Manana x
(Spanish, not Mexican, but you get the gist) 




  1. Pretty and I like the converse too. I don't think it looks frumpy at all. Daughters eh? What do they know? My daughter tells me I look "disgusting" on a daily basis. Such a delightful child. xx

  2. Snap! I have almost the exact same dress! Don't sell it, you look adorable and slim. I know what you mean, the cut and the little pleats don't make one look svelte in the flesh so to speak, but they are comfy and cute to boot. It's a keeper! xx

  3. Keep keep keep! It's a glorious colour, you look slim as a reed in the dress, with no obvious signs of pregnancy, and I love it. So there. You should indeed be jumping for joy, the fundraising total so far is magnificent. xxxx

  4. Do not part with this dress! I LOVE it and you look fab and that aside the comfort factor is enough reason. A girls gotta be comfy I reckon.

  5. Absolutely don't sell, I sold a genuine 1970's Mexican blouse a few years ago then regretted it ever since. I think you look fab and I love that you mixed it up with some cons.

  6. You can even pull off a muumuu, Kylie, I'm so utterly impressed, you lovely, slim, girlie you! No pregnancy in sight! I love that you paired it with Converse, my favorite shoes:-)
    Congrats on your amazing result so far, Kylie, in only 9 days!!! What a lovely thing you're doing!

  7. they wont believe it now but the day will come when your girls will also appreciated comfy and easy to wear....hey they will prob ask you for that 70s moo moo (which is fab by the way!!) congrats on all those pesos!...pour yourself a sangria! xx

  8. If you end up selling the mumu (or have ever it is spelt LOL) give me a yell :)

    1. That should be if you end up DECIDING to sell.......jeez my morning coffee really needs to kick in LOL

  9. This is a great look Kylie...Cons can take you anywhere cant they? x

  10. The Mexican dress in so cute. They were really popular here in the late 80s, and my friends and I all wore them. You're right about how comfortable they are. I vote keep!

  11. Keep it. It looks fab with the sneakers. And what the hell do darling daughters now about pregnancy. he?! Just joking....
    Take care, I´m proud of you and your idea!