Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frocktober Day Sixteen

half way there, frock yeah!

Guest Frockster Deux
Before I introduce today's special guest, I'd just like to "shout it, shout it, shout it out loud"* that thanks to your awesome kindness and generosity, we are only twenty one bucks (and an annoying fiddy cents) short of raising $1500 for research into ovarian cancer! If that's not, and you all aren't, bloody awesome, I don't know what is! Thanks everyone (that includes you Helga x)
If you can spare $21 fiddy, or even just fiddy please give now here.
Now it's time to meet Nelly, an artist and teacher from Melbourne.
(you've already seen her etchings here)
Nelly is wearing a fabulous gen-u-ine 60's Maxi. Isn't the frock (and Nelly of course) stunning?! It reminds me of a funky, flower-powery cheongsam. All you're missing is a cocktail Nelly!
Here's a snap of Nelly with her specs on
she describes herself as "looking smart"
I reckon Nelly puts them on when one of the kids she teaches tells her "the dog ate my homework Miss" - they give her that "don't mess with me kid" kind-of look. Without them, I reckon she looks like a big softie (which is a good thing Nelly x)
It's been so nice having another day off this posing malarkey, thanks Nelly - it's not easy putting yourself out there and I really appreciate it.
Me again tomorrow (boo!), but I've got some lovely guest frocksters coming up, so please stay tuned x
* Kiss, 1976