Monday, May 26, 2014

What's Sewin' On?

Would you believe that following the expert tutelage of lovely Daisy (I wrote about her skirt-along and showed you the goods here) I have sewn not one, not two, but five frocks? That's five, boys and girls. F I V E!!!

Wanna see 'em?

Okay (it's time to 'fess up)

I know that they're teeny-tiny, but they still count, right?!

(plus they've got button-holes - that's gotta up the ante!)

Five little frocks, all made with love (and varying degrees of wonkiness. Ahem!) for little baby Loveheart (she's not here yet, but she will be...soon!)

Curious about her Mummy? It's this lovely lady!

I love sewing. I really do (and I never, ever, thought I'd say that!)

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment here if you'd like to win a fantaisie porte-rouleau de papier toilette (so much nicer in French!) I'm drawing a winner on Thursday x 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dunny's Done (and a give-away)

Actually it's been done and dusted, and well and truly christened for some time now, but every time (and there's been more than a few of those!) I attempted to blog about it, I found myself ludicrously over-thinking the decorum (or clearly, otherwise) of showing you the place where we do our "number ones and twos".
Obviously this is totally ridiculous (even the Queen does wees and poos!), so here, without further adieu, is our loo! 


You have to remember (I wrote about it here) our house is more than a hundred years old, and this toilet (the building, not the actual suite) was originally outside. An old, backyard dunny. In the late 70's a previous owner had the clever (ha!) idea of building an extension (ha-ha!) which would not only create a lovely new living area (ha-bloody-ha!), but would also encompass the old dunny, cunningly bringing it inside.

Here's the results of his genius and what it (and that living area!) looked like when we bought the house. 



Okay, so I went a bit cray-cray as far as decorating the smallest room in the house goes (ahem!). I have successfully ticked nearly every current decorating cliche in the book (the only things missing are a reclaimed wood wall and a Fiddle Leaf Fig!)

We even have our very own "toilet manifesto"

Purchased here, but you could easily make your own.

(and yet to have the impact/desired outcome I was naively stupidly hoping for!)

The 'wallpaper' is from The Reader's Digest, Young People's Annual, published in 1964. 

note: a credit card is your best friend here as far as achieving a smooth, bubble free finish goes.

It's safe to say the folk(s) who write **ck your noguchi coffee table would have a field day as far as our dunny goes, but what do you think??? 

To thank-you for reading my blog (good posts and bad, frequent posts and few) I am giving away one of these super-stylish Diabolo for Vandiss  toilet roll holders. Somehow I don't think our toilet could handle another, ummmm, 'statement piece' (I'm keeping one for 'the dream home' though...)

All you have to do is follow and leave a comment. I'll select a winner randomly and pop it in the post in a weeks time (it's packaged in the tiniest little box so I am happy to post overseas if you're the winner)

Thanks for reading, I'll end with a little peek at our laundry, also finished (much more sedately) I will try and write a post about it soon (ish!)