Monday, October 14, 2013

Frocktober Day Fourteen

Guest Frockster Numero Uno
Before I introduce you to today's gorgeous guest frockster:

the very sweet Miss Georgia Rose from Wellington, New Zealand,

I want to say a very big thank you to (the equally gorgeous) Rebecca for her generous donation this morning. I am so excited and happy to report that at the time of publishing this post, we have raised $1460.50 to help fund research into ovarian cancer! Nearly 1500 bucks! Wow! I can't believe we hit the $1000 mark - let alone surpass it!

I'd be so grateful if you could sponsor me too. Donate HERE. Please. It would be awesome to make another thirty-nine bucks and hit the big 15! (or more...)
Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. I don't know what it is about my blog, but it seems to attract the loveliest people - just wish I knew you all in my real life...
Now let me introduce you to Georgia 
told ya she was gorgeous!
Georgia is wearing (the most beautiful) 50's frock she found on Trade Me (an internet auction site based in New Zealand), op-shopped Minnie Cooper mary janes and sunnies, and the watch her Mum used to wear when she was the same age as Georgia is now.
Georgia says:
"I am really glad Kylie asked me to be part of Frocktober, and am even happier that she's back blogging regularly because of it. Raising money for women's health plus wearing pretty dresses are two things I care a lot about, so this is an excellent cause to be a part of. Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect early and so as well as being a way to help towards some really important research, Frocktober can also serve as a reminder of how important it is to keep on top of our health and go to the doctor when something is wrong, rather than procrastinating it endlessly. Frock on, pals."
Georgia sums it up perfectly - especially the bit about going to see your Doc when you feel something is not quite right (although I am very naughty about doing this myself). It can be quite easy to brush any little niggles under the carpet (especially if you're a busy mum/career woman), and yet an early diagnosis is absolutely crucial in the successful treatment of ovarian cancer. Make an appointment today if you feel something's not right - remember, no-one knows your body, like you do.
Georgia works in media and writes a blog called The Velvettes (if you love your vintage fashion, you'll love Georgia's blog), she loves beer, weird novelty prints, travel and 50's frocks (obviously!).
I hope you've enjoyed seeing a bit of 'fresh blood' around the place, as much as I've enjoyed a day away from poncing about in front of the camera (thanks Georgia x) I kind-of get where Linda Evangelista was coming from when she said:  "I don't get out of bed for less than $10 000 a day"
(note: I said, kind-of)
Lots of exciting Frocktober posts coming up - including some of our favourite bloggers frocked-up for their proms (if you're brave enough to share your unfortunate prom pic too - just send it to me)
psssst Georgia's selling some "super cute" vintage frocks here if you're interested...



  1. wow, what a fantastic dress! wow, what a fantastic big pile of money your making!

  2. That is a gorgeous dress.....look forward to all your other guests popping up. x

  3. Fantastic dress - what a glorious colour. And a new blog to explore!

  4. Gorgeous frock. Off to go and spend some pennies xoxo

  5. Hark at you Kylie Evangelista!! Gosh, Georgia's dress is one of the most beautiful 50s dresses I've seen. xx

  6. Georgia's frock is a real beauty. And you are doing a wonderful job with Frocktober, Kylie. Taken some pics for you today - in the rain, no less! Will edit and send them to you asap. xxxx

  7. Fabulous frock and well done on your brilliant fundraising!

  8. That is a keeper, Georgia! What a luscious frock indeed. Looking forward to new and exciting frockettes ahead!