Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today was a good day because I said Sayonara to the last of the Federation Green trim in our house. Before the funny little shop house became ours, someone else got busy with a paint brush and painted all of the lovely ten inch jarrah skirting boards in the oldest part of the shop/house royal blue (and the walls yellow, which is not a good combo unless you barrack for the Eagles, and we...and I say this emphatically, DON'T!) and all the skirting boards, window frames, etc in the newer (bad very bad 70's addition but I love it anyway) Federation Green. Poor little shop/house, it had been (as my youngest sister would say) "hit with the ugly stick twice!" (make that thrice, actually make that whatever comes after thrice +++!)

So anyway, today it's Hello Dark Night, Goodbye Federation Green! As far as our little shop/house goes we are on the home stretch. It's nearly time to "put the icing on" (I read this phrase in one of Megan Morton's books and like it), which means rummaging through the shed for lost/forgotten treasures and doing a spot decoration d' interieurs. This has been a long time coming and I am very excited about finally, turning our house into our home.


Our second loo was also installed today (I tell you, it's all happening round here!), this has made a good day even better. We are a one bathroom house

(fine by me because I am the only member of a very messy family who cleans it. Two daughters. One husband. Shampoo, conditioner, exfoliater, hair! Oh the hair!!! Daughters not husband's. He shed most of his l-o-n-g ago! Sorry Anth. 

One of my daughter's insists on opening a new tube of toothpaste if there is any dried up residue on the tube we are currently using, yet she is quite happy to bathe in a grey-ringed bathtub and use hairy soap - Hel-lo?!, the other is just as bad. Sorry girls, but it's true)

but two toilets are essentiel! (seems to have so much more impact in French...or is that only me moi?)

I am beyond excited about our new loo (not just for obvious reasons) but because it is honestly (and this will either sound sad or mad) one of my favourite 'rooms' in the house. I can't wait to show it off here (as soon as floor is tiled I will), but think exposed brick walls, some left unpainted and others 'wallpapered' in an encyclopedia from the 60's, all the plumbing 'bits' done in copper and on show, not recessed into the wall where they can't be seen,(wish I'd done this in the bathroom) and an old brass garden tap (I think in plumbing parlance this is called a cock tap. Don't know why, and I could be wrong?) instead of a chrome one...it probably all sounds a bit hideous on 'paper', but wait and see...I think you'll like it...

(btw, I know, for someone who professes to love Modernist design, there is a whole lot of shabby el rustico industrial going on at our place. That's what happens when you work with what you've got v's...dreaming)

As always thanks for reading my blog. I know your time is precious and I really appreciate it. I'll be giving away one of these soon (I'll rustle up something vintagey if modern isn't your cup-o-tea) so please pop back. Take care x

p.s. I know only too well someone in the future's gonna be saying:

"Why the bloody hell did they paint their skirting boards black?! What were they thinking?!" 

I can hear them now. Ha-ha! Sucked in!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"The House That Time Forgot"

Anth sent me the link to this lovely little 50's house located in one of Brisbane's Northern suburbs a few days ago. It has since sold (thankfully to someone who is planning to preserve at least some of its beautiful wallpaper and general awesomeness. You'll see what I mean in a sec...)

Some of you (particularly the Brisbanites among us) have probably already had a look-see (Anth spotted it on the Corurier Mail real estate page) but if you haven't you're in for a treat.

It's described by the author of the article as "an assault on the eyes" which is absolute poppycock IMO. It is a bit wild and crazy, sure, but I doubt you'll find a more perfectly preserved 50's interior in Australia (excluding Rose Seidler House and its ilk, of course).
There's no black or white with this one. It's gonna have lovers and it's gonna have haters. Drop me a note and let me know where your feelings lie.

(my feet are firmly in the luurve camp - but you already knew that didn't you?!)

I've got a baked Ricotta Cake in the oven, almost ready to come out. So I've got to make this a quick one. Here are some pics. Feast your eyes!

Bathroom first. I think this appropriate given current circumstances, don't you? (and it's my favourite room in the house. I love that wallpaper!)

Sunnies on? You might need them.

Florence Broadhurst meets Opium den?
Blue and green should always be seen! (did you notice what I think is a Cathrineholm bowl up there on that cupboard?)
"They call me mellow yellow (quite rightly)" Donovan, 1966.
This is what I love about real interiors. Colonial, meets retro, meets Nanna = keeping it real. Not a stylist in sight. Just someone with obvious pride in their home, doing their best to make it look nice. Love.
Here's the link to the article (and source of the images I've posted). You can see more pics there. Including a couple of bedrooms, one in peach tones, the other in browns. Lovely! Plus a garden with a real Hills Hoist. Enjoy!
Perfect timing - oven's beeping. Bye and thanks for reading x