Saturday, October 19, 2013

Frocktober Day Nineteen

"waiting a million years, just for us"

(Irma, from the Peter Weir film, based on Joan Lindsay's 1967 novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock. An Australian classic. Read it or watch it - you're in for something special either way...)

Today Frocktober is more about the bush than the frock.
(is it ok to say that?)
Although I am wearing another little cotton number by Gorman,
(you know I'm taking this gig seriously when I wear a dress on a walk through the bush!)

it's nothing special, just something I wear around the house, so I suggest you focus on the bush, which is. (special)

(the last time we were here - a couple of months ago, it was as dry as a bone. It was lovely seeing waterfalls doing what they're meant to)
National Park Falls, as above.
(Anthony was worried I would "come a gutsa". I know sure footedness is not one of my strong points, but jeez! He kept telling me to stay away from the edge - you should've heard him! It sounded like he was talking to a six year old!)
It was so good to get out of our dusty house for a while.
(all sorted as I type this - if we weren't missing a ceiling and Annabel's stuff wasn't taking over the house - we'd be back to normal. Hang on a minute, Annabel's stuff all over the house is normal!)
Just three things to end:
1. Please sponsor me here.
2. Please read Bernice's touching tribute to her Aunty Angela here
   (awesome 70's fashion too)
3. Thank you for your recent donation Patti
1560 bucks so far.
"That's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"
Much better.
Thanks guys, see you tomorrow x


  1. You are you are taking far more care of your legs at the moment as they are on show every day!!!!
    bestest daisy.....keep rocking the frocks! if you lived nearer i would lend you some!! xxxxx

  2. Look at you, frolicking in the bush! (I'm sorry, I can't help a wee snigger, I am so childish!) Having a break from the dust and mess in that beautiful landscape is just the ticket, and you look like a teenager, lithe and lovely!
    "Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick" is one of my mum's sayings, which I also use a lot!
    Bernice's post is wonderful.
    YOU are wonderful! xxxxxx

  3. Nice that you were able to get out Kylie! Looks a gorgeous spot. You are doing such a great job with Frocktober, amidst all your ceiling issues as well. xx

  4. Better than a poke in the eye...I agree Kylie. I hope that ceiling is sorted soon, I have been reading your updates but have fallen behind with my comments :)

  5. That spot is so beautiful, and I love that Anthony is so protective of you. That's sweet! You look adorable in that outfit, no matter how casual it is. I don't think there's anything that would be unflattering on you.

    I loved Bernice's post. That was such a beautiful tribute.

  6. Lovely spot of "bush" (sorry when Aussies say that it does crack me up a bit, if you saw our bush you'd know why!), an especially nice waterfall, and glad you didn't come a gutsa there. I did when I was at a waterhole full of people near Mt Tamborine, it was not nice! Oh, and of course a lovely frock S:)

  7. What a spectacular countryside!! SO very different from ours, I loved seeing these pictures! And look at you!! You look just like a schoolgirl!! What an amazing contribution you're making to this great cause, with daily posts even with your ceiling all over the floor... I'm SO impressed, Kylie!!! xxx

  8. I have been to hanging rock!!! As a neighbours fan! wasn't Mrs Mangel, aka Vivienne gray in the film???? Cracking film. we made sure we had a picnic there too!!!! how I miss Oz x x x x x

  9. ah the great outdoors.....that movie freaked me out a little. we have a hanging rock not far from here and its a spooky place. imagination working over comin a pay good money to see that!!! hehe just joking xx

  10. The frock is very nice but that waterfall is magical. Thanks Kylie.

  11. Irma was always my favourite in PAHR.
    Anth is a good stick!
    A frock in the bush is worth two frocks in the collapsed ceiling house.

  12. Just thought how like south east Queensland that area is. I grew up on the Granite Belt with many a Sunday drive to local waterfalls and outcrops. You make me homesick!

  13. as always... frocking cool... see what I did there? :-) ♥♥♥

  14. wild & little woodland sprite beautiful......keep up the FAB work!
    nelly xxx

  15. Seems I'm a bit late catching up on all those outfits (and the discomfort) love your "golden brown" one and the "horizontal stripes", looking good, Kylie you photogenic thing. Funny I have a stack of my mum's dresses hanging on the laundry door (for about 10 months) to have a dress-up, bit too chicken though to do a show and tell. There's one dress I could picture on you (70's) Read Picnic at HR when I was a teen only finding out the mystery a decade later. Hope your ceiling is getting fixed soon, shocking indeed, thankful your daughter was not in there.

  16. Looking Good bush nymph! got my emails?
    Hope the ceiling is sorted real soon xx