Friday, October 25, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty Five

Guest Frockster # 8

Business first.

Day twenty five(!), only six days to go!

Before I introduce you to today's special guest (I think she might be my last Guest Frockster too btw...) I'd like to let you know that so far we have raised $1640 for research into ovarian cancer.

Onya guys! You (f)rock big time!

Only 360 smackeroos and the total clicks over to a whopping 2K! Wouldn't that be awesome?! I mean $1640's pretty bloody awesome, but $2000? Well that would be even more awesomer! Do you think we can get there in six days? It's a bit of an ask, but "I aint too proud to beg" (for a really good cause), so please if you can add a bit of dosh to the pot, sponsor me here

(thanks for your donation yesterday Fiona, I really appreciate it)

Okey-dokey, let's get frocking!

Today's guest frockster post is a little different to the rest of them - it's a retrospective look at one of my (our) favourite bloggers. I wonder if you can guess who she is...

Here she is with her family on Easter Sunday, 1959, wearing a beautiful frock made by her Mom (hint). She is eleven years old in this photo.
Our guest frockster still remembers this dress "it was a polished cotton print in pale blues and pinks with a pink three-quarter sleeve jacket"

Check the socks, gloves and little matching clutch bag. Too cute!

Soooo, do you know who she is?

I reckon the next photo's going to give the game away...

This is our gorgeous g.f. at her bridal shower in 1967, wearing a white linen frock with a turquoise trim, and totally rocking that "newly bleached-blonde, mod, immensely tall, Sassoon" hair-do!
Wanna take a guess?
One more pic before the big reveal.
And this one has the loveliest story. Got your tissues handy? You might need them...

"my husband left for Vietnam three months after we were married. I wrote to him every single day he was gone, and I enclosed silly pictures of myself to make him smile. This is one that made the trip there and came back with him...both all in one piece"

Brunette, red-head, blonde. Gorgeous then and gorgeous now.

If you didn't guess, today's guest frockster is Dana, author of mid2mod, all the way from Fort Worth, Texas. Yee-ha! In this pic she is clowning around with her daughter at an antique mall.
Dana's blog is legendary. If you don't know your Eames from your elbow, mid2mod is a good place to start. From Alvar Aalto to Zoo Line monkeys, well known designers to obscure, Dana's got them covered.
Apart from being a bit of a font as far as 20th Century stuff goes, Dana is also warm and funny. She's got a heart bigger than Texas - had to trot that one out, it's true though!
I'll end (phew!) with a few words from Dana:
At age 65, I've lost a number of friends and relatives to cancer. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at aged 40, and I was very fortunate that there was a cure. As a result I got to see my daughter grow up, finish college and get married. I now have two wonderful grandsons who are the loves of my life.
We owe our mothers and sisters and friends the same chance that I had, should they be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Kylie is doing a phenomenal job raising money for this cause. (oh shucks!)
If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so.
Thanks Dana, and thanks to you guys for reading my blog and supporting my Frocktober x
p.s. let me know in the comments if you knew it was Dana


  1. wow, that is one stylish lady, at all ages! still hoping to get around to slipping into something a little frockish for you. a & p show madness tomorrow, then maybe...

  2. I knew!
    What a hottie! Thanks for sharing for us Dana! Nicely done Kylie! xx

  3. Hi Kylie, I am not familiar with Dana but I think I need to be! Great post once again x

  4. yep I picked it!! you Dana! aussie terms your "one hot sheila!". xx

  5. I looked at her Mum in the first photo, and I thought she looked like the couple of photos I've seen of Dana. And Dana The Weight Lifter it is! I love Dana. I love her for all sorts of reasons ... she's a grandma, and loving, and knowledgeable and full of good taste and well-read and a great, and meaningful commenter. And this post made me love her all the more.xo

  6. I don't know Dana, but she looks great. Must check out her blog. Does that mean it's all you now then Kylie until the end? That sounds pretty damn good to me! xxx

  7. I'm not familiar with Dana and her blog either, but I will have to go and say hello! Her photos are brilliant, she looks so fabulous! xxxx

  8. I love that blog - it's nice to see Dana in person. All three of those frocks have such lovely lines.

  9. I saw the smile in the first pic and thought- it must be Dana! Great!

  10. Kylie, thanks so much for letting me be part of your Frocktober campaign to raise money for such a good cause. I'm honored to have been able to participate. I may be the only one of your readers old enough to have modeled 1950s and 1960s frocks that were brand new when the photo was taken. :) Thanks for all the kind words, Kylie...and everyone.

  11. Oh, what a treat to see our dear Dana modeling her gorgeous frocks for us!! She's an absolute stunner! I was pretty sure when I saw the first picture, in the second I knew!! I love the b&w family pic, how cute is she in that dress?!? Wonderful, Dana, thank you so much!! Way to go, Kylie, I'm gonna miss Frocktober so much!!

  12. What great pics and how kind of Dana to share, although not at all surprising as she always leave very kind and thoughtful comments. That first frock is incredible. Loving this month of frocky goodness Kylie. mel x

  13. It's Dana!! Yey!!! Fantastic photos of a beautiful lady. I have all the time in the world for Dana - she is a legend.
    I have loved reading about your guest bloggers and getting to know more about them - and also seeing them in photos. Definitely makes this blogging caper more personal. xx

  14. Gorgeous in all decades! Love her blog too! Have shared your frocktober and my friend Melita's on the outlaw blog again today! $$$$!!! GREAT effort Kylie!!!!