Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frocktober Day Twenty

Guest Frockster Jour Quatre
Meet Julianne (designer, illustrator, crafter, and maker and seller of the famous re-sew-cool craft kits. Phew!) from Melbourne. 
a vision in lilac and lemon.
Isn't she beautiful?!
I was thrilled when Julianne agreed to be today's guest frockster. Not only is she the only woman I know who totally rocks lilac hair - apart from Mrs Slocombe of course! A close friend of Julianne's has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which makes this whole frocking-up caper a lot more meaningful.
Melita has just had an ovarian tumour removed. Not only is she writing about her experience on her blog, she is also participating in Frocktober. What a woman! I will not complain about having my photo taken and looking like a dill ever again!
Julianne is wearing (the most gorgeous) vintage 50's French frock.
(Daisies and pintucks, do I need to say more?)
She says she finds its label particularly amusing.
(I have tried and tried to rotate this pic but it is tres impossible!)
She describes it as "a housewife frock to be martyred in!"
Imagine ironing this with a cold iron and no steam! You'd have to be a martyr just to consider it!
it looks like you've just run a cold iron over it to me Julianne...or should that be Joan? Hmmmmm?
If you'd like to sponsor me to help women like your mum, daughter, sister, aunty, nana, best friend, Melita, even you(!) to have a fighting chance to survive ovarian cancer please sponsor me here.
Thank you, and thank you Julianne x
p.s.  pop by gorgeous, lovely, funny Carmel's. She's frocking-up today too (and rocking those yellow Salties like it's nobody's business!)    




  1. Julianne is indeed a beauty!! Gorgeous, gorgeous dress too. Lovely. xx

  2. she looks amazing!
    i'll pop over and read her blog.x

  3. OMG! What a stunning individual!! I am totally crushing...

  4. Julianne's gorgeous, and what a wonderful frock. I am wishing all the very best to her friend Melita. xxx

  5. Shucks, thanks for the compliments but no close ups okay?! Yes, just a cool iron for Jeanne D'arc Kylie. Hee hee, You know a woman asked to touch my hair on Saturday. Then she added "I'm from South Australia you see" as if that explained it. Hmm. You are doing a great frocktober Kylie!

  6. Day 20!!! I'm so impressed.Yay for Julianne's beautiful dress and hair...great guest frocker!

  7. Wow juliette is super gorgeous and love that hair!!! Another fab frock in fact wouldn't mind so much myself!! Xoxo

  8. She really is beautiful and that lilac hair is something else. Perfect with that soft yellow dress. Oh yes! xxx

  9. Love, love, love everything about this! That gorgeous frock, the hair, the flowers, the blue wall...sigh!

  10. Yes, Julianne is one hellavu demon angel goddess frock fancier. Thanks for the shout outs, wonderful women. Health update: after my surgery it was discovered that I had a verycontained and uncommon tumour which can be dealt with by surgery alone. Early diagnosis of any type of tumour is key, which is why I have jumped on this jolly Frocktober wagon.

  11. I'm going to use that line about being from South Australia to excuse all my behaviour/s now! Perfect. (I love that hair but I promise not to touch.)