Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frocktober Day Three

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti"
Sophia Loren said that. Not me - I should be so lucky!
 (so lucky, lucky, lucky - get it?
I am on fire this arvo! Ha-ha!)
Ok, so I know the only thing Sophia and I have in common is our love for pasta (truth be told, there's lamb shanks in that pot - not spaghetti!), but I thought I'd include this pic so that you can see our newly painted kitchen cabinetry. It looks so much better now that all that horrible orangey-oak is covered up with (more than!) a few coats of Murobond Dark Night, don't you think? And once those hideous apricot tiles are replaced with some of these babies

- bearing in mind dash for cash ratio - it's going to look pretty snazzy I reckon!

Anyway back to more important things.

It's only day three of me poncing about in a frock, and already, between us, we've raised $920.50 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation!

What can I say? You guys rock! Your support and generosity has blown me away and I thank you very much.

Special thanks today to these lovely girls: librarygirl, Bron, Sally (check out her sharpies), mmmc and the PipSTAR xxx

Maybe you could sponsor me too?
It would be wonderful if you could...Do it here. Please.

Today I am wearing a gorgeous frock from the 50's.

It is in beautiful vintage condition - if you'd like to buy it just send me a note - as before, I'll spot for postage.

The vintage net petticoat I am wearing underneath is also for sale. It is white and in perfect condition.  It will make whatever you're wearing puff out very nicely. Indeed. If it's froth, or flounce, or boof you're after, this is the petticoat for you! I'd like $20 for it because I know they're hard to come by, and twenty bucks is a bargain really.       *petticoat sold*

(all money I raise from selling my frocks will also be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund)

One more little thing (and I hope you don't mind me asking), would you please pop a link to my Frocktober posts on your blogs? Or facebook, or whatever it is you hip young things do? I would be extremely grateful if you could. Together we might be able to raise even more than $1000! I hope you'll give it some thought...

I'll leave it with you x


  1. Arghhh! If there's any chance that dress will be able to contain my ample bosom, I would love to buy it!

  2. I do love a 50s frock and yours is a real beaut. Goddamm it, I have a fair few of those, myself, languishing in my wardrobe. Unfortunately I can't squeeze my ample boobage (and stomach) into them - boo hoo. Oh and we get a glimpse of your kitchen too! Marvellous, I love the look of those tiles. We have the same blue cooking pot btw. I also have the plassie flamingos but they're languishing too (a lot of languishing going on...) without their legs in the garden somewhere. Great pics of you skipping around your plant pot. xx

  3. That frock rocks, as do you! Can't believe you've almost made your target...And the kitchen looks so good. xx

  4. Wow gorgeous frock Kylie!!! I'd love to buy the petticoat pending size! Thanks Emmah xx

  5. My fav dress so far. I do love this style.
    Gosh so close to the $1000, so many generous souls.

  6. Kitchen looks great. Absolutely love the tiles and you look wonderful of course. Lovin your frocks and while there's no ample bosom here I still don't like my chances of fitting into any of them. You are fabulous.

  7. Your kitchen is looking fabulous, but really, I can't take my eyes off your wonderful 50s frock! It's glorious with the extra floof of the petticoat underneath.
    Will definitely link in my next post.
    Keep it up! xxxx

  8. Lots to love that very cute frock and your gorgeous new kitchen. xxx

  9. Kylie you are rockin it with this one....just popping back to check you actually did "I just can't get you out of my na na na na nan nan" see two can play at that game!!
    going over to donate now as promised later....daisy j xxxx

  10. :) LOVE this dress how can you sell it!! yikes!! So now you are over your goal, and only on day 3! You are the best!!

  11. Oh, gorgeous, Kylie- my favorite so far!! But I suspect there's gonna be tons of beautiful frocks to come!! Wow, and that kitchen!!! It looks amazing!!! I'll link to your posts, Kylie, a very small contribution to a great cause!

  12. Your kitchen looks scrumptious, and so do you! I love your dog sitting there so patiently, waiting for you to drop a bite. Yay, you're over your goal already. I'll definitely put a link on my blog.

  13. Just gloriarse!
    I am green with envy over your kitchen; I am so desperate to ahve mine done, but it's just a dream right now. X

  14. My whole kitchen is those apricot tiles. Yep - I just avert my eyes. The paint job on the cabinetry is great - no mean feat that. Love the frock! Will link to you blog posts too.

  15. How can you part with this one, you, the frock ,the kitchen belong together! x

  16. Love the dress but alas to small for me LOL

  17. Beautiful frock and so glad to get a peak of the kitchen! As Pippa said how can you part with this frock it's gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend S:)

  18. I love that dress so much, haven't a hope of fitting it, argh! The job on your cupboard, wow, how did you put the paint on? Spray? Its so immaculate looking! I see you have exceeded your goal, in 3 days! Wonderful thing your doing kylie, happy weekend xxx

  19. ohhhh what a lovely dress. What size are you Kylie? l am a 10 or small 12 & petite 5ft 2.
    Would love to buy it.....
    nelly (:
    ps...worked out how to set up my blog...i

  20. so beautiful kyles!....and you look pretty good too!....haha. I almost didn't see the apricot tiles!......well done pretty sure your gonna crack your $1000 mark. yay xx

  21. This is totally my fave so far. mel x

  22. The kitchen is looking amazing, as are you. I love the way the dog is watching your every move and the set of mini flamingos in your planter. xxx