Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Continuing on from yesterday, here's the last of our Friday finds...

orange,purple and mustard...say no more!

One of those "things" for storing plastic shopping bags in. I bought it mainly for the lovely strip of bark cloth in the middle. Behind it you can see one of the real Lucy Violet's apron's. More about her soon.

And while we're talking cooking...
Don't you feel like this sometimes?

We especially liked the font on these cannisters.

More orange. A pair of flanelette sheets. Already worn-in for us.

Sticking with orange, and it is the first day of Autumn here (although you wouldn't know it!)

This sweet deer print also came home with us
It's very faded but when I turned it over I knew why...
Artist's Colourmen. Love it!

And then found we a rabbit too
or more correctly a hare. The Hare. 7/10. Giles 1977.

There is more, but "sometimes less is more" so I'll end with one more pic, not of something we bought but still treasure... 

 The rest of this Pub had been badly renovated in the 80's. Don't know why they kept the original sign...I'm glad they did though.

And today's tea towel

Speaking of tea towels, Patricia from www.modernistaustralia.com/ has let me know of a project they are currently working on about Melbourne designer John Rodriquez. He produced tea towels and wall hangings in the 40's-80's. If you have any of his tea towels in your linen cupboard I'm sure they would love to hear from you. I haven't come across any of his in my collection... YET!


  1. Those cushions totally go with the colour scheme of my finds for this week! And I love the 'Hotel' sign - it must be huge though - what's the plan for it?

    It's pretty much the first day of Spring here - not that you can tell that either! It's St David's day and there are one or two daffodils braving the weather...

  2. wow just been reading your last two posts - you got so much vintage treasure!! Im a fan of the linens too, but dont find as many vintage tea towels here as you have found - brill! Scarlett x

  3. Kylie, I've just had a quick trawl through your blog and I'm in awe of your wonderful finds. Just gorgeous thing after gorgeous thing! I especially love your fabulous tea towels! I'm trying to collect them but they are few and far between in the charity shops I frequent, and often too expensive for very ordinary ones. I've never come across any as lovely as yours!

    I'm off to have a thorough rummage around your blog now!

  4. Loving those pillows. Yes, this colour combination is super!!

    P.S. You're tea towels collection is to die for!