Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If I gave my posts titles I would probably call this one something daggy like Flower Power or maybe even Everything's Coming Up Roses because today it's all about flowers. I have been collecting flower paintings since I was fourteen (so I've got a few!!!) Yesterday we rescued my pretty pictures from their dusty home for the past year, The Shed (Everything we own is in The Shed!) and decided to "French Hang" them in our bedroom... well I think that's what it's called...ours are probably more of an Australian hang! Although it remains a work in progress here's one corner

and a better look.

And here's the painting that started it all...

Very old. Very beautiful. Painted on tin.

Now have a look at these...

R.M.T. 1907

R.M.T. 1903

And some blurry detail.  Sorry.

There's more...

A present from my husband. No artist's details but the back is stamped Winsor and Newton's No 2 Quality Prepared Canvas, Rathbone Place, London, W.

Vida Gibson.

`Some are more contemporary, but just as lovely...

Pene Beston.

P. Surian.
Texture and such vibrant colours too. This painting is slightly crazy!

Love this one. Signed but sadly illegible.

For the crafty among you, there are some tapestries on the wall too, but I seem to remember saying something like "less is more" yesterday (Ha!) so I'll only show you one, my favourite...

So many pics. Thanks for looking. Which one did you like best? And I know the detail photos are clumsy but I just couldn't leave them out!

And now for something different. I'm going to buck the floral trend with today's tea towel...

A L-o-n-g Drive! I know I've done it!


  1. Great collection! The P Surian one looks a little Van Gogh inspired, don't you think?

  2. Fabulous florals. So cheerful. I'd find it hard to choose a favourite - possibly the P Surian one. My partner's nan was a great painter of flowers, well, mainly roses. She painted solidly throughout her 80s!

    Wonderful tea towel, as always.

  3. super prints and paintings!
    Look cool together, check out Vernon Ward on ebay for floral prints!
    I bet you would love them!

  4. I LOVE these! Have you been to Wild Poppy cafe in Fremantle? They have a few prints like these on their walls. Now i'm inspired to have my own 'flower power' wall!