Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just back from Cottesloe. It was beautiful at the beach, but I'm not really sure if I enjoyed Sculpture by the Sea as much as I have in previous years. Of course there's no pleasing everyone, art is so subjective. Having said that there was still some interesting work and a few pieces caught my eye. Like...

Level Best. Amy Podmore. USA. The schoolchildren in the background are waiting for their swimming lessons to a swimming pool any day!

Sea Enemy. Denise Pepper. WA.
Garbage bags and colanders. Kitschy!

Desert Ships. Neil Jones. WA.

Blue Shift. Darius Kowal. WA.

Dance Me to the Edge of Time. BAM. NSW.
Sand shoes!

Torso. Richie Kuaupt and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. WA.

Fortis Ovum. Peter Graham and Cindy Blackeslee. WA and USA.

And lastly, my favourite. Probably because it's just so huge (and rusty)

I told you it was big! And yes that's me!

Coast Guard. Greg James. WA

So, what did you think? Like or not? Thanks for looking. S.B.T.S. is on until March 22 if you live in Perth and it's free! It is also held at Bondi beach and at Aarhus in Denmark too.

p.s. we did pop in to a couple of op-shops on the way home. I'll show you what we found tomorrow.


  1. LOL at you and 'the coastguard' - great picture! And the sand shoes look amazing. Your area of Australia seems lovely x

  2. Love those pics, especially the ones of the colanders and plassy bags. Well done for popping in the op shop today - that's the spirit! Looking forward to seeing what you got.

  3. What a fantastic event at Cottesloe Beach, when I was backpacking round the world a few years back I spent many a sunny day on Cottesloe Beach, we used to get the train from Perth and take a packlunch, its a beautiful beach and it looks like the weather is beautiful there at the moment! One random question - is 'Black Bettys' bar still open in Perth? Had many a drunken night there as they offered us poor backpackers free drink (shame on them tut tut!) Scarlett x