Friday, March 11, 2011

A short post today, but (hopefully) for one of you it will be a good one... 
Is there anybody out there who would like this vintage Pierucci dress???

Pierucci is a high end Australian fashion label that has been designing and manufacturing beautiful clothing since 1988. Have a look here to see their more recent collections.

I bought this dress new in the very early 90's and have worn it only once. It has been hanging forlornly in my wardrobe since then and I would love to give it to someone who will wear it. It is an Australian size eight.
(it doesn't fit my friends/family and I can't bring myself to donate it to the local op-shop. don't know why, just can't...)

It has a 1940ish shape and is quite fitted around the hips and bottom, blousier on top. It has shoulder pads but these are easily removed.  It shows quite a bit of leg when you walk as it doesn't button all the way down and it is much nicer in real life. Look at the beautiful fabric...

 If you would like this dress (or perhaps it would be perfect for one of your friend's etc...) please let me know by commenting. I was going to say first in best dressed, but have decided that's a bit unfair, so if more than one of you would like it I will draw a name out of a "hat" first thing Monday morning. Of course, if you're the one and only, well then it's all yours!

p.s. I am happy to post this ANYWHERE in the world!!! 

After all that reading and lack of pretty pictures here's some happy music. Turn up the volume and start dancing!

Paul Weller or Curtis Mayfield?

I'm ending as usual with

Gorgeous lacy edging but I didn't really like this one until I noticed the lovely grey silhouette in the background...


  1. Its a beautiful dress, if only i was small enough to fit into it :o) Im sure someone will snap this up as its a real gem. Lovely of you to offer to you bloggy friends. Scarlett x

  2. It's a gorgeous dress and you must be very petite as I've just read that an Aus size 8 is a UK size 6. That's very petite indeed! A very kind offer, though.

    Love the tea towel, the lacey edging really sets it off as well as the grey silhouette. xx

  3. Hi Kylie, thank you so much for popping by my blog - I'm now enjoying yours too. Had to follow and round you up to 10 followers - the 9 was bugging me, but making numbers even aside I love your blog! The dress is so beautiful

    Jem xXx

  4. Thank-you for your kind comment, and stopping by my blog, I in turn have just discovered your blog :)
    That dress is beautiful, I hope it finds a new home, I am a terrible hoarder of clothes, and find it hard to part with ones that I know will never fit me again, but still feel the need to hang on to them x

  5. OOh I would LOVE this dress!! The perfect size and I have a vintage Pierucci skirt that I wear to death, so I'm sure it will suit :) What a generous give away!
    xx S