Monday, February 28, 2011

Today I'm going to show you some more of the treasure we discovered on our great op-shopping adventure last Friday. Let's start with something pretty...

I love old tablecloths almost as much as old tea towels and for the same reasons.

And not just Australian ones although they are probably my most favourite. How gorgeous is that wattle! (it smells delicious too-a bit like honey) I like the way the map of Australia looks like it comes from the pages of a child's colouring-in book.

I might as well stick with the touristy theme...

I have never been to Exmouth, it's a l-o-n-g way from Perth and I've only driven through Geraldton. Exmouth is obviously a good place for a spot of fishing and one of Geraldton's main attractions is the Windswept Tree!

We also found  a few trays with more of an international flavour...

These were all one dollar each AND we left a pile behind for the next lucky person!

Now perhaps you can help me with the next thing?

My poor old camera (and lack of skill) is clearly evident in these snaps! Sorry. On the back of this little scoop(?) it says Denmark and there is a picture of what I'd describe as a hill with three rings around it. It also has the monogram Mj and a funny N-shape with a line through the middle. 2900 of these were made and ours is number 147 so I suppose it's not worth terribly much but I'd just like to know something about it. Please drop me a line if you do. (And thanks for reading through this) 

Now, one more thing found on Friday

It's a bread slicer. This one is made in Germany but they were also made in Ireland too. Love the colour. Love the word Toledo. Hate my kitchen bench top!!!

More of our finds tomorrow. I hope you found some lovely treasure on the week-end. 

Here is today's tea towel...


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