Thursday, March 31, 2011

My favourite op-shop in town (in all of Western Australia really) did not let me down yesterday...look at all the lovely loot I found

pretty Japanese tea trios
eight dollars all up

perfect for afternoon tea

hmmm, not sure if I like the green or mustardy yellow one best...

I found some very nice speckled ramikens (these are for you Anth)

Wrapped with love in pink tissue paper by the gorgeous ladies at the op-shop.

They are signed Raynham and I have discovered via the rameking's excellent blog that the Ray in Raynham was an accountant not a potter. His workshop in Victoria made thousands of ramekins like these in the 50's and 60's so they are not worth very much, but I still like them and they will be perfect for hot chocolate pudding!

This ceramic swan planter also made it home

(a project from someones ceramic class?)

As did this little pottery vase, given to me by the ladies in the op-shop for being a good customer (!)

love its little gum blossoms

I found more kitschy souvenirs to love...

Swan Art Pottery

I also found more Big Eye art to add to my collection

cute, especially for one dollar!

The op-shop ladies also gave their favourite customer (my words. NOT theirs!) this wonderful book of dress making patterns for children...

Forget children! I would SO wear these clothes! Have a look

love the coat on the left

And I'm showing you this pic purely for the fabulously loud wallpaper in the background...

one outfit I would not wear!

That's more than enough from me today, thank you for looking at my loot. It's a good little op-shop isn't it...

Here is Thursday's t towel

pretty carnations...I've had a few mangled bunches of these over the years!


  1. Oh I dunno Kylie, I can quite see you in those dungarees! Also I see that book is from 'Golden Hands' - do you remember my post about that magazine? Full of crafts from the 70s, I love it. My crochet teacher Jessica taught herself to crochet as a teenager from old issues she picked up at a jumble sale.

    The trios are fab - very retro. x

  2. Yay for the op ladies giving your freebies - and fabulous ones at that, need to let my charity shop workers know whats going on on the other side of the world so that they give me free stuff (they will Im sure laugh me out the shop). Great tea towel today as always. Scarlett x

  3. Hi Kylie, you're like the teacher's pet of the charity shop world. In a good way, of course. (I'm just jealous). Love it all, those ramekins, tea cups, swan , pics - I am drooling like a mad woman here! Beautiful tt - it's like a work of art.

    I love your idea (in your comment to me) of making flying ducks from your wallpaper. Do show if/when you do it.

    Happy bargain hunting, my dear. xx

  4. Ohh lovely, today's tea towel is a stunner! I can't believe how much of a bargain those trios were, what a great find!! :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Amazing finds! Those mod pottery tea cups are absolutely gorgeous! I love the cut books and big-eye art, too!

  6. The book looks fabulous and I love the ceramic swan, something I would have instantly been drawn to xx

  7. Wow you have some more amzing finds!
    The sewing book is wonderful.

  8. so lovely!

    i love all your tea towels... i have been making bread bags out of mine. sometimes i feel bad cutting into them - eek!!

    kel xx