Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look what a little ____________ (insert your own expletive!) did to the front wall of our house on Monday night...

I'm trying not to take it personally BUT it's not easy and let's just say I'm NOT in a happy place right now!

Now that I've got that off my chest I'm going to attempt to cheer myself up with some more kitschy loveliness...

By now you know how much I love tea towels, and other slightly "tacky" souvenirs of holidays past... well one thing I've never really had much love for is the good old souvenir teaspoon.

teaspoons a-plenty at the local op-shop

In fact we own the grand sum of two vintage souvenir of them belonged to Lucy Violet and the other caught my attention because it has a little koala curled round its handle. Here they are...


BUT I'm beginning to change my mind about teaspoons and if you're not particularly fond of them either I think you might change your mind too after looking at these...

is that a little pouch made from a vintage tea towel I spy?

What do you think? Aren't these lovely? I don't wear alot of jewellery but I would definetely wear these.

They are made by Byron Bay artists Tony Bauer and Claire Snel, and this is how they describe their work: "vintage teaspoons lovingly created into a tribute to the wanderer" Love it! You can see more of their amazing creations and a lot more interesting stuff besides here 

how about these for teaspoons? Wow!

I wouldn't think twice about buying these if I found them in an op-shop!

(from Tony and Claire's collection as are all pics

Suzie Stanford (of tea towel fame) also does interesting things with souvenir teaspoons like...

pretty special don't you think?

Have I converted you? Perhaps you've always had teaspoon love? Let me know. As for me I still don't think I'm going to start collecting teaspoons but I do appreciate them more now and would love a piece of the Spooning Society's jewellery! Hint Hint!

Now for souvenirs I do have plenty of...


  1. Oh no! That's such an ugly act!!! and so so annoying!!
    I'm a very peaceful, relaxed person usually but I could strangle this person!!
    Paint it as soon as you can and forget about it!!!

    Teaspoons - I have a funny relationship with - I don't like them but I do want to... I wen throughly through your post and I'm almost converted. You can get heaps of them here everywhere, I'm always looking but not sure about it... mmmm....

    P.S. Did you got my email? Thanks so much for the new blanket!!!! I love it!!!!

  2. hello kylie
    you have simply enlightened me with teaspoon love... of course it leaves me frustrated a little, for now i want to make those, and i'm no jewel crafter... but cheers anyway, and i am very sorry about that wall of yours. i'd get mad before trying to like it, before covering it up again in paint...
    cheers for stopping, i am discovering your blog here!

  3. Really enjoyed your post but still not sure I could ever feel the love for teaspoons - my first piano teacher (when I was about 10) had a collection on her wall and used to gaze balefully at them whilst mangling 'marching song'. The lamp is quite amazing though.

    Sorry about what the scrotes did your wall, sending them a 'Blackadder' curse! {old uk tv programme - curse was "may all your children have small penises. Especially the girls!"}

    Ps. Have almost finished a granny square! It's a bit ropey but am very proud ;-)

  4. What little F**ckers - such a mindless act, i wouldnt take it personally the people who do this just dont think about who it affects. Im with you on not being a great fan of the tea spoon but i do own one which was bought for me on my last visit to Graceland - and yup its an Elvis one! I love the jewellery makes with them though - the bracelet is fantastic :o) Scarlett x

  5. Lol - Had it been my wall then a bit more would have come out of my mouth! (and then i would have hunted them down lol). Yes massive elvis fan, Gracelands not tacky at all, i'd be happy to move in tomorrow. The jungle room with the carpet celing is stetching it but hey he recorded Moody Blue album in there so couldnt change it :o) Scarlett x

  6. Oh I'm so angry on your behalf, Kylie!! What a horrible thing! I know the kids who did it probably didn't have a thought in their heads as to it causing upset but it's just not right! I hope it doesn't happen again hun


  7. Those teaspoon creations are really bespoke and lovely. I would love to own one of those bracelets! The only teaspoons we have are some very old Mickey Mouse ones, far too cute to part with.
    Graffiti is not big nor clever, it’s one of those unfortunate circumstances, but I can understand why you are angry, you have right to be! xx

  8. Oh Kylie, how annoying for you, the little beggars.

    On a brighter note, though, I'm feeling the teaspoon love. Loving the makes with them - they are quite amazing!

    Wonderful tt, Kylie. I actually saw some in the chaz shop yesterday but they were all washed out and faded and very uninspiring - 50p each too which I thought was a bit pricey for washed out and faded.

  9. I remember I had a bracelet from Broken Hill like the one shown...crikeys, if only I had half the stuff I used to own, I would be sitting on a goldmine! I was a bit ambivalent towards them...too many memmories of those spoon cabinets, until I saw those earrings about a year ago and now I love them. There is nary a spoon to be found in an op shop around here...I think the Byron crowd has a deal going.

  10. So sorry about your wall. Yes, this type of thing really gets me going as well. We had someone last year drive up into our yard and ripped up the front yard, they even made it all they way up to our walk right at the front door, and then took off before I could get out the door. And its hard, because your home is your haven, and we turn into an angry mother bird, protecting it, rightly. So sorry.