Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well the long weekend has been and gone. One minute it was nice and quiet, peaceful and relaxing...the next, crazy and slightly manic! On Sunday our faithful hound Jed, was stung by a bee and had a serious anaphylactic reaction. It was very scary and let's just say there wasn't much wow  left in our little Chihuahua by the time we got to the vet! Thankfully all it took was a quick jab of adrenalin for him to recover (and to return to his normal size which had almost doubled!)

Anyway despite that drama I still had plenty of time to hunt for treasure, one of the things I found was this book

It's full of beautiful things made by Australian women, often with very little money or resources. Like...

This was knitted by Mrs Gertrude Pepperell from odd balls of wool when she was in her eighties! She was almost blind but kept up the tradition of never being idle! Amazing!

When I saw this picture I thought how lovely it would be to have a blanket like this, and then by chance (no lie!) I found one. Slightly wonky and a little bit crooked but to me still beautiful. Have a look...

Not a patch on Mrs Pepperell's! But mine has doilies AND granny squares!!!

I also found some very pretty old tablecloths and a pile of unused tea towels (including a Rodriquez)

This mirror and china lady vase

And this too

It's a writing set. Made in Italy. Love that scarf and red bikini!

I think that's enough show and tell for today-I'll show you more tomorrow. Before today's tea towel a quick memo...If you are crafty (or more like me, a crafty wannabe!)have a look here http://sarahhodgsonblog.blogspot.com/ to find out more about a brand new
charter Sarah and Megan are starting in Perth. You can also learn more about Brown Owls here  http://brownowls-members.blogspot.com/ Should be lots of fun and the more the merrier!

And without further adieu the tea towel

One of my favourites!


  1. Wow Kylie, that sound really scary!!! Are bees becoming more aggressive lately? My husband got stung not long ago and also had a bad reaction. Lucky for your dog (and you!!) that he's over it so quickly!!!

    Your tea towels belong in a museum!! This one especially is oh so pretty!!!!

  2. Kylie, I love Mrs P's blanket. Your blanket find is amazing - verging on the bonkers but in a good way! I have serious tea towel envy. Adore the NZ one.

  3. Cool textile finds again Kylie - you must have have some airing cupboard. Or maybe an enormous blanket box?

    Glad your dog is ok - I trod on a bee barefoot last summer and it flippin hurt!

  4. Gosh I love those table cloths and the mirror is fabulous, they are all great finds! Glad all ok with your dog :o) Scarlett x