Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hooray! Finally my Tretchikoff has a home! Have a look, doesn't she look lovely!

Chinese Girl Yellow Jacket. Tretchikoff. 1950.

 I received her for my birthday four years ago and she hasn't had a proper home till now. It's not a great pic because the sun really streams through that window but I am thrilled with how wonderful she looks against the Harlequin wallpaper. What do you think?

While I am at it here's another view of our t.v. room... 

A closer look at the print above the buffet


This print hung on the wall in my husband's Grandparents home for as long as he can remember. When Lucy Violet (his Nan) died (she was ninety eight!) it came to us.
We know it's a bit like the Tretchikoff and probably hung in hundreds of lounge rooms around the world but we can't read the artist's name and would love to know who he was. Please drop me a line if you can help.

Our t.v. room was like the "black hole of Calcutta" when we bought this house...rising damp, a huge hole in the floor where previous owners had ripped out the fireplace, it really was horrible! It's a big achievement for us to see it like this, nearly finished-only the curtains to go now (I've chosen the fabric-just need to get them made up)

Before I show you the rest of my weekend treasures I'm going to make you hugely jealous! I just can't resist telling you that I found the cow-hide you see in the pics on THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!  Can you believe that someone would put that out on the verge for council clean-up? You should have seen me slam on the brakes when I drove past and saw it sitting there!!!
The buffet is also a freebie - my husband came home one night with it tied to the roof of our car! I am always amazed at the things people throw out, aren't you?

Here are the other things I found on the weekend...

Paint by Numbers. I would never have the patience for this!

Another (very scary) religious picture...Hansel and Gretel meet??? This would've given me nightmares as a child. But then thankfully I found this and I felt better...

1970's Prayer book.

We also found this sketch in an op-shop, my husband really liked it and it was only two dollars

 I can't read the artist's name, but on the back it says framed in Tokoroa which is in central New Zealand on the North Island (not far from Rotarua) if anyone from N.Z. can explain its significance I would appreciate it.

Now something sweet and pretty...

And a pretty tea towel to end too

Pink, grey and yellow, how lovely. Look at that vase and those flowers! Gorgeous!  


  1. I saw the yellow jacket girl in my local charity shop the other day - i knew it was going to be expensive as they hung it pride of place. Do i spy a western germany pottery vase on your side board? It looks very similar to one I have which is a w germany one I got from my nan. Great finds as always, cant believe what some people throw away, i'm always amazed when i go to my local recyling centre and see what people have chucked. Scarlett x

  2. Kylie, I love seeing glimpses of your home. Love the picture of the girl in the yellow jacket, it looks splendid in that corner.

    I can't believe your found the cow hide and the sideboard ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Sorry to shout but I'm almost hysterical with excitement for you (and a little envious if truth be told!).

    Love your finds and the teatowel, as always, is a real good'un. The pink, yellow and grey combo is stunning.

    Have a briliant day! xx

  3. Heya Kylie, Lynn here from Jinjerup.
    As I have not been able to locate your email address, please email me ( jinjerup [at] gmail [dot] com ) so that I can send you a download link containing your limited edition printable.
    Its our way of saying thank you for participating in our competition! :)

  4. What a super room, the paper is excellent!
    Is it vintage?
    The tretchikoff print looks super hung on there,
    I really love the boat print too! It reminds me of a artist called Ron Folland.
    I love the paint by numbers too, you can still buy these from Hobbycraft in the u.k.

  5. Could that print be a Bernard Buffet? I too am amazed at what people throw out, and have amassed quite a few lovely things via hard rubbish. But the cowhide? And the buffet?

  6. Free Credenza, amazing!!! And I have the exact same boat print in our house! I'd love to know a bit more about it too. Thank you for your lovely comment, so glad you led me to your blog, love it :-)

  7. Hi, Lucy! If you're interested in Tretchikoff, you might like to visit my blog about his art: