Friday, March 25, 2011

More of yesterday's finds as promised...

pretty faded vintage sheets

aren't they lovely...

Some of these are going to be cut into fat quarters for Kellie's  vintage sheet swap. If you live in Australia it's not too late to join in, just hit the pretty button for more info...imagine getting a package of prettiness like this in your mailbox...


not everyone shares my love for kitschy souvenirs...

I can nearly always find something that fits this description!

More flowers...

love that shiny disco frame!

 You've probably seen Vera Neumann's scarves before...every op-shop I visit seems to have at least one tucked away, but I have never found a print before. Yay! Apparently Vera was a houshold name in the 20th century. I like this description of her work "blooming florals and strong geometric prints" (can't remember source. sorry.)

And I couldn't resist these either

sweet sweet SWEET!

These make me smile. I love their naivete and innocence and for twenty cents each how could I leave them behind?
What have you bought for twenty cents lately?

Sticking with animals, one of my most favourite finds yesterday was this...

Golden Boy by Gig.

This is my first big eye animal print and it was also my first find of the day. This is from a series called Pity Puppies...our dog looks at me just like this whenever food's involved!
On her excellent web site Yorik describes Gig as "able to take pathetic to a whole new level" Perfect. See more here

I also bought this, more of a mythical animal. I'm not really sure what I like about it...probably the gorgeous orange silk background, but I do like it. My daughter says it's "fugly!" Ouch. What do you think?

like or loathe?

Just one more thing to show till next time, apart from tea towel of course...

bubbly glass vase. Made in Japan.
I like this. Alot.

And now at long last, here's the t.t.

p.s. one more thing before I go. Promise. Scarlett is giving away lots of pretty things on her blog, check it out here because you've got to be in it to win it!!!

Over and out.


  1. Kylie, I actually gasped when I saw your sheets! Amazing find! Love all yor floral finds. Adore the puppy picture, it's so bad it's brilliant!

  2. Oh my that golden boy picture just breaks my heart! I dont think those eyes could lead anyone not to pick that up and buy it! Im also loving that floral print, anything with a bit of floral you know me. Thanks also for for the linky :o) Scarlett x

  3. Those fabrics are just gorgeous, super cute! The more I look at the flower print in the shiny frame the more I like it you know :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. Hi Kylie, great to discover your blog too! I love your header photo - what a fantastic room! And those vintage bedsheets - I'm sure I grew up with some of those (in the 70s, right?)!

  5. The sheets are just gorgeous - lucky you! And I LOVE the Viking ship. Thanks for giving Vera a surname. I've noticed her mentioned quite a bit on US blogs. A household name in the '20th century' - that sounds SO long ago. :)

  6. I adore the horse’s and the stash of vintage sheets makes for such lovely prints. I really want to track down some old fabrics xx

  7. ohhh... your sheets are so lovely! cant wait to check them out in real life :)!!

    Kel xx