Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've had little time to hunt for treasure lately and surprised myself by not visiting a single op-shop, garage sale or swap meet over the weekend! While I was out and about today I did find a few things but I actually spent more time picking things up, carrying them around for a while and then putting them back on the shelf...
Here are the things that tugged at my heart strings and said "buy me"...

Someone's wonky pottery project.

Kitschy,home-made Australiana-my favourite combination!
Boomerangs, spears, lizards, turtles! What's not to love?
And look how great it looks on my tablecloth...have I convinced you?

In complete contrast I also bought this

MORE religionalia! Although much sweeter and definetely less frightening than the rest of my collection! I paid six dollars which is top dollar for me, but even after thinking long and hard I still couldn't leave it behind. I love the painted roses on his cot.

Sticking with roses, this little box came home with me too

Sorrento, Italy I presume...
(not Victoria?)

This is the last thing I bought, it's a pottery cruet set, slightly Scandinavian looking don't you think? I'll probably use it to put flowers in...

A quick you remember the little Danish "scoop" I blogged about here? Well I have just found out that it's Royal Copenhagen Faience Ware, painted by Marianne Johnson in the early 1960's. One less mystery for me to solve!

Before I show you today's t.towel I want to share the most gorgeous kitschy interior with you. It's full to the brim with vintage/retro coolness. Here's a sneaky peek to wet your appetite...


This pic is from Danielle Thompson's Family Life blog. Check out the rest of Steven and Dawn's wonderful collections and home here

p.s. Steven and Dawn were among my very first followers!They have an interesting blog too and brilliant photos on flickr. Have a look here

Apologies for my late post today, here's the t.t.

This would probably look good in Steven and Dawn's kitchen.


  1. The cruet set is really fun - a little cheeky chappy! I have actually just inhertied the exact same bedspread as in the bedroom picture - spooky! Love the kitschness and will def check out the blog. Scarlett x p.s fab tt as always :o)

  2. Cruet is cool, but I'm glad you explained the boomerangs on the pottery whotsit, being a bit dense I was seeing caterpillars! x

  3. Yet again, Kylie, a fabulous post (not sure about the jar, though; love the tablecloth, mind you). Will definitely check out the blog you mention. Love the tea towel - brilliant combo of things and wonderful, vibrant colours.

  4. The little trinket box is lovely, I love roses too. I must admit I often walk around a shop with something in my hand and then suddenly decide maybe it's not me after all and promptly put it back on the shelf xx

  5. Another super post,love that orange tea towel thanks for giving us a mention x