Thursday, March 10, 2011

My collection of Religionalia seems to be growing lately... I'm not sure why I like it so much because I'm not very religious (despite attending Catholic schools for almost twelve years!) Perhaps its kitschiness appeals to me, that and the feelings of nostalgia they seem to evoke when I look at them...
I've scattered examples throughout my blog but today I thought I'd show you some more of them. I think you either like this stuff or hate it (like my husband!) Have a look and see what you think...

 I bought these from a local swap meet but I think they originally come from an old Sunday School. My plan was to hang one above each of my daughters beds but they refused to let me, so now they sit covered in dust in our shed! A great shame I think.

Here are a few pictures that I haven't shown you yet...I seem to have lots of these and I remember having similar ones in my bedroom when I was a child.

Look at Mary's beautifully serene face.

 Apologies for the glare - they are all covered in some kind of plastic which doesn't photograph too well (or at least not with my camera!)

These next two are my pride and joy...they are kitschy with a capital K and extremely OTT! I love them and even my husband thinks these are o.k. because they are just so wrong they are almost right!

And look at the back...

 This hung above Dora and Pasquale's bed for sixty four years. Real treasure. It also says Ricordo di Egiolio -please tell me if you know what it means.
This is from Dora and Pasquale's home too

Another beautiful Mary AND she lights up...

I nearly bought some more of these on the weekend...Oh how I wish I had...

All of this religion has reminded me of when I was seven. My brother and sisters and I went to a fancy dress party... my brother went dressed-up as a policeman, one sister a ballerina, the other a Hawaiian girl and I went as the SINGING NUN! What was I thinking? Apparently it was all MY idea too, but I'm not sure if I believe my Mum about that! The Flying Nun would have been way cooler! I'm going to see if I can find a pic to show you. Hilarious!

Well that's enough religion for one day. God bless and here's the tea towel

Greetings from Darwin.
Isn't it wonderful! They must have a lot of b.b.q's there!


  1. The kitsch stuff is great, although the 'suffer the little children' would creep me out a bit if i was little lol. It all reminds me of my irish nans house, she has loads of the religious stuff being a devout catholic, I grew up visiting her and having a large picture of the pope looking at me :o) Scarlett x

  2. Kylie, I'm a big fan of religious paraphanelia. I was brought up a Catholic so I remember having a piccy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in my bedroom until I left home actually! Love your shell embellished icons. We have Ganesh icons throughout the house - virtually one in every room.

    Loved the story about the flying nun!

    The tea towel is another good one.

  3. Love this post. Catholics certainly can do ornate.

  4. Really love the growing collection of the Religionalia items, jesus and mary are a weak spot of ours too!

  5. LOVE IT ALL!!! I especially find the Mary's beautiful and I love when they are kitschy (the kitschier, the better!!)I have several myself that came from Mexico or the 1940's. In my humble opinion, Dora and Pasquale had exquisite taste! :) Love to see more!

    I also have a vinyl copy of The Singing Nun! LOL