Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday morning...time to show you the rest of the treasure I found on Thursday's faith restoring trip to the op-shops...

Just as my faith in ever finding anything decent was beginning to waver I found lovely things like these...

gorgeous vintage apron worn by the even more gorgeous Annabel

lovely lovely barkcloth

my collection of vintage tablecloths easily rivals my collection of tea towels...

see. here's another one

I can't get enough of this groovy retro print!

 These were my find of the day...

I collect old felt pennants (I know, more kitschy souvenirs!) so I was thrilled to find these and to pay only one dollar for the lot!

 Sydney Opera House 1973. Wow!

Here's a pic of my other pennants which I've made into bunting to hang in our new family room/kitchen (WHEN it's finished!)

And, because it's not always about girly stuff...

(scored this lovely mustard tablecloth too btw)

brrm brrm
I think these would look wonderful in a little boy's bedroom OR in a big boy's study...

Too much testosterone for you?  Then have a look at this... 

Here Comes the Bride... it's a wardrobe full of wedding dresses!

 This was my favourite

my photo doesn't do it's made in France and very, very beautiful. Simple and stylish AND only fifty five dollars! A cute, vintage bride could really rock this dress! If you'd like details just contact me...I'd really love this dress to find a home...I wore a 1930's wedding dress when I got married and have never regretted it.

twenty cents

So can you can see why I'm feeling positive about op-shopping again? I think I found some pretty good stuff don't you? Fingers crossed it continues...

Here Here!

Tea towel next, then fin!


  1. I love the old pennants. That is such a fun decorationg idea! I love that!

  2. Can completely see why your faith has been restored, those souvenir flags were an amazing find for one dollar! I'm also loving the vintage apron and the bill/letter rack. Your teatowel is so cute - Platypus are just adorable to me, they look so friendly and huggable :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Hoorah for some good scores - I'm glad you and the op-shops are friends again! Your pennant bunting is fabulous, great idea. The car organiser is great and as for the wedding dress - love those sleeves.

    I think the platypuses / platypi?! are on my favourite teatowel so far!


  4. Wow, the op-shops have come up trumps with all these fab finds, of course I'd love to own that fabulous apron and the table cloths make my heart beat faster! Im also loving your bunting creativity - such a brill idea. The car organiser would also have been snapped up by me and I cant go without lusting over those vintage wedding dresses. When i was looking for a vintage dress they were all sooooooo expensive so I really hope someone gives this beauty a home - plus its a steal! Scarlett x

  5. Kylie, my poor addled brain cannot take in all the loveliness you have posted about today. I love it all, the apron, the pennants, your tablecloths (I need to see more of those), the car oganiser, the wedding dresses (you collect those as well?!), in fact EVERTHING DARN THING!

    Genius idea to get your daughter to model the apron. Shame my daughter isn't taller and bigger all over as I've got some 1950s dresses I'd like to post about one day but am definitely not modelling them!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. hey kylie! loving your new finds. that apron is spot on! thank you for your lovely comments as of late. i have been a fan of tony's work for a few years now, and although it's racially fuelled and often politically heavy, i enjoy the way he chooses a medium that can be related to whilst carrying out a behaviour (opshopping and collecting) that WE both can relate to! i enjoy looking at all his kitschy collectables as much as i enjoy listening to him talking about it all. we are all connected somehow.

  7. I love the vintage apron, and the table cloths are all so fabulous. The bunting idea is so lovely too, it makes for a great decoration. You got some great finds as always xx

  8. patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to op shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are all great finds, but I find that my heart does a little pitter patter for the platypus tea towel. And I really love the photo in the upper banner of your blog - your home is just beautiful!

  10. Oh my!I have been looking for those penants everywhere. My husband has a couple, from his childhood, but nowhere near as nice as yours. Everything you found was great. I, too am a tea towel afficionado...but around here even the op shops are trying to sell them at $10. Give me a break!
    Everything on your blog is lovely