Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yesterday I found:

a treasure chest

so pretty...

I wonder what GBC stands for?
Do tell if you know...

and some treasure to keep inside it

there's more. Look...


I wonder who she is, this lady with the pretty smile?
What's her story and how did her cameo end up in an op-shop? (this  completely freaked-out my daughters when I showed them and I can't bring myself to wear it either!)

I also found a bag of old postcards

snow capped montains...a girl can dream!
it's been so hot here!
I thought I might turn them into Christmas cards..

I also found an old leather handbag

and lastly a fifty cent t.shirt which I just couldn't resist...

(DON'T look if you're offended by any of the "B" words)

I will never leave the house in this, but if you live in W.A. or have ever holidayed here, I think you will probably understand why I had to buy it (even though I don't drink Chardonnay)

No prizes for guessing what comes next...

Margaret River is just down the road... 


  1. I don't know if I could wear it either-lol! We should trade some of your hot weather for some of our cold winter! :)

  2. What a fabulous lot of goodies you found - loving the bag, the treasure chest well all of your finds actually, the t-shirt is great, it wouldnt make anyone round here bat an eye lid (plus ive seen much much worse printed and worn on a t-shirt!). Scarlett x

  3. Ha, great T - I do like a bit of pop art. I love your pretty pirate finds, but my favourite is that handbag, perfect for all the 70s fashions that are back in at the moment.

  4. My favourite is the treasure chest. It's gorgeous. The bag is great as well and the t-shirt did make laugh. Your postcards remind me that we have a load in the loft that I must sort through (Mr J and P was a big collector back in the day).

  5. I adore the treasure chest and the locket is so mysterious xx

  6. Ohhh a locket, and a cameo locket no less, two of the most divine things in one! :-) Impossible not to imagine a story for the girl in the picture isn't it? What a glorious treasure box to pop her in too!

    To answer your trio question I think I have around 40 or so now, I can't seem to help myself! :-O

    Jem xXx

  7. oh what great finds :) love the postcards and the bag! i havent been op shopping in so long! i miss it!

    kel x