Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've had a slight case of the op-shop blues lately...treasure hunting has been more frustrating than fun and until today I'd almost lost enthusiasm for something that I've always loved doing.

Do you know what I mean? Does this happen to you too?
While I know that it's unrealistic to think I'll always find great stuff it is still a bit of a downer to consistently find a big, fat, NOTHING! Which is what's been happening to me lately...

Common scenarios include:
a) finding NOTHING
b) finding something really lovely but hugely over-priced
c) finding something terrific that has been wrecked by the placement of a price-tag which will only cause damage when it is removed

When I saw this sign I had a feeling that things might be going to change...

and I was right...

Things are on the up and up...I've made a speedy recovery and feel much better because today I found treasure! Yay!
There will be no more whinging from me, have a look at what I found...
p.s. I'll show you some today, tomorrow and Monday.

Webco. Made in Japan.

for my Mum. Japan.

another tacky Australian souvenir. 

It's special though because I worked on a sheep station in Carnarvon when I was younger. 

I bought these plates from three different op-shops, fifty cents each, funny how they've got similar edging...

I also found

The little pale blue vase is a Martin Boyd. Pretty neat for fifty cents! The little dish another souvenir, this time from Melbourne. I also bought the table cloth (one of several I was lucky enough to nab)

Next something I didn't buy, but liked enough to take a
photo of...

that Jack-in-a-Box is slightly worrying!

green chicks?

sweet cot mattress

Have you ever noticed the gorgeous fabric on old mattresses? It's always so pretty.

Today's tea towel was another lucky find. And it's a Rodriquez!

Not a particularly old one, but still cute AND it has its tag.

no prizes for guessing what I'll be doing tomorrow!


  1. It can be so dispiriting when you head out on a hunt and come back empty handed time and again - I know that feeling! But then the next successful trawl feels like you hit the jackpot and that makes up for it :-) I love the kitten tea towel!! Have a ton of fun at the market tomorrow!

    Jem xXx

  2. Those scallywag op shops. Always redeeming themselves...

  3. I've never seen a matress with such an amazing print - although i'd be with you on leaving the matress in the store - a bit personal to want to rehome. Great finds, cant wait to see what else you bagged - the sale sign would have got my heart racing! I remember there being a great op shop in Fremantle, it was huge and coming from a British charity shopper this was like the holy grail, i couldnt believe the sheer scale of it. I found some good treasures there which all needed to be posted home so werent as great a bargain then. Scarlett x

  4. Hi Kylie, I know exactly what you mean about "opshop blues". There has been a dearth of anything decent in my local charity shops for what seems an age and no prospect of a jumble sale either this weekend. Doom and gloom all round!

    On a brighter note, love those plates. I'd be interested to know how you display them.

    Good luck at the Mammoth Market tomorrow - sounds fantastic!

    I'm off to look up Rodriquez tea towels on the net....

  5. I hate it when there is nothing good, or more so nothing worth buying, but it just shows that patience pays off and all these goodies were waiting for you xx

  6. Hi there..
    I don't often get Op Shop Blues.. usually it's more Op Shop Fatigue! Or sometimes when I'm shopping with someone else it's Op Shop Envy - which is when one of us nabs something before the other one scores it!!

    All good though!
    Love the blog!