Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I popped into a couple of op-shops this morning while I was was out and about and this is what I bought...

The colours in the stripey crochet blanket are much prettier and brighter in real life. Crochet is the "in" crafty thing at the moment so I find it slightly bemusing that all of the op-shops I go to have heaps of these (some I think, quite sweetly less perfect than others but all involving lots of work by their makers)  and they are always dirt cheap.  This one cost two dollars and it covers the top of our queen sized bed! Admittedly the Salvo's were having a half priced sale on linen, but come on...Anyway for me this is a good thing as I've tried to crochet and I suck at it!

Sometimes the labels on things you buy are more interesting than the thing itself...

Isn't this one great. I love the artist's easel and the font and I also love the phrase "pictures of distinction" It also tells me that the print of the little girl and kitten is called Innocence by an artist called Moter. I'm sure I've seen the same print but in blues instead of pinks have you?
I haven't been able to find any info on Moter, if you have any please let me know.

During my attempted research on Moter I came across two fantastic web sites on Big Eye Art. Prints I've never seen before. I know alot of you love Big Eye pics so here you are:   

I also bought this for my daughter who likes Chinese Checkers. One dollar. No missing pieces. And in a neat little wooden box too.

And here's a close-up of the little shoe lasts. You can't really see them in the top pic. Purely decorative but too pretty to leave and they were only ninety nine cents!

Alot of words today. I hope you don't mind...

Here is today's tea towel

Speaking of tea towels, my husband is in Melbourne at the moment,today he went to Chappel Street Bazaar and saw vintage linen tea towels for sale for sixty dollars!!! Wow! I may never have to work again!

And now I'll end with one more pic of our front garden which I took this morning...


  1. This crochet blanket is so gorgeous!!
    Can't believe you can find this kind of beauties for $2!!!

  2. I cant believe you found all of those in one trip! The op shops seem to get raided so often in my area that it is very tricky to leave with more than one item.

  3. Wow, that blanket certainly was an absolute bargain! I am dying to find a nice one but everywhere seems to know how sought after they are and they're really expensive in vintage shops. Sadly no crocheting grannies round my way giving up their wares. I really want to learn, but if my crocheting turns out to be as good as my embroidery, well...

    Thanks so much for your lovely words on my blog